About Us

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of child-rearing advice is reserved for babies and toddlers? What’s a parent to do after that? We believe that some of the most thought-provoking parenting challenges are just beginning when children are yearning for greater independence. During their pre-teen years, children are becoming more and more aware of other influences, like peers and the media. As parents, we need to be prepared to help shepard our children through the changes we can all expect in the tween years.

So rather than have you, our parenting “colleagues,” spend precious time searching sites and publications for the scattered information related to this formidable parenting phase, we are dedicated to bringing it to you! Some content will be links to other publications and some will be original material brought to you by our contributors. Either way, we’ll do the work for you…both on our site and via our e-newsletter; we’ll deliver timely, important information to help you be the best Tween Parent you can be!