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11 Brilliant Dragon Books For Tweens

A mythical dragon illustration

There is just something about those mystical dragons and fantasy worlds that capture and create a fun topic for tweens. Not only just for tweens, but it’s also a topic for kids of all ages.

A world with dragons is a completely different world that is filled with excitement, courage, and a choice on whether to be brave or not.

Made just for young adults, these are some of the most raved-about and best dragon books for tweens. Whether your tween girl loves stories about dragons or you have a tween boy reader who devours epic tales that involve dragons in a fantasy world, they are going to love these books.

Best Dragon Books For Tweens in 2024

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Keeper of Dragons

By J.A. Culican – Reading Age 10 years and up

If your tween is a fan of dragons and an excellent reader, the Keeper of the Dragon series is a great selection.

The series tells the story of Cole, a teenager that learns his parents are the king and queen of dragons and that he will soon one day be the keeper of the dragons. On his 18th birthday, Cole goes up against an uncontrollable battle he must overcome to take over his prophecy.

The Chronicles of Dragon

By Craig Halloran – Reading Age 8-12

The son of the Dragon King is trapped in human form as he tries to figure out what he needs to do to earn his dragon scales.

Throughout his journey, he must defeat the High Priestess and her dragon master as he meets some fellow helpers along the way.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

By A.F. Steadman – Reading Age 8-12

If your child is a fan of the Percy Jackson series, they will enjoy reading and following through Skandar’s adventure as he tries to leave so that he can visit the secret island. On his journey, Skandar heads into a world of sky battles and dangerous clashes with unicorns and villains.

Burden’s Edge

By Sever Bronny – Reading Age 9-11

Augum Stone is a warlock prodigy that comes with many expectations of how he should act, what he should do, and how he should feel. He wants to forge his own path of becoming an Arcaner, someone who can summer dragons, but that comes with a lot of consequences.

Dragon Wars

By Craig Halloran – Reading Age 10-12

Grey Cloak and Dyphestive are runaways that must help save the world as their former captor Black Frost is gathering an army to overtake the world.

With no real fighting experience, can the two runaways help save the world and defeat the enemy forces?

Dragon School

By Sarah K. L. Wilson – Reading Age 10-12

An epic tale that tells the story of a disabled teen that feels out of place and her dragon, the Dragon School series goes out looking for her place amount the Dragon Riders.

The Dragoneer Book 1

By Vickie Knestaut – Reading Age 8-12

Trysten’s father is the official Dragoneer, but when he is injured and can no longer lead the dragons into battle, he must choose someone that can. Trysten wants so bad to take his place and help the fight, but she is a girl.. can she convince them she can be the best leader of the fight?


By Christopher Paolini– Reading Age 8-12

Eragon, a 15-year-old boy that lives on a poor farm, discovers a polished blue stone that brings him a dragon hatchling.

He’s soon swept into a world of magic and power as he has to make the choice to destroy or save the Empire.

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Dragon Slippers

By Jessica Day George – Reading Age 10-12

In order to lure a heroic knight into fighting the dragon, Creel’s aunt wants her to sacrifice her own local dragon.

Knowing that this would lift her family out of poverty, Creel tries to convince and stop her aunt from going forward.

Dealing with Dragons

By Jessica Day George – Reading Age 10-12

Princess Cimorene is not your typical princess. She’s more of a tomboy and very headstrong. She runs away to live with Kazul, one of the most powerful and dangerous dragons which bring her to a world of some very odd creatures and lots of action.

Dragon Haven

By Robin Hobb – Reading Age 10-12

Dragons and their keepers pass through the Rain Wild River, in order to protect the dragons and their blood.

With help from the mysterious Rain Wilds, they quickly figure out they may be in more trouble than they thought.

We hope you’ve found some reading inspiration for your tween this summer.

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