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Perfect Period Swimwear For Tweens

Tween girl in period swimwear on the beach

Period swimwear is the next marvel in period protective clothing, and if your tween has ever tried period knickers before then, you will know that this magic sorcery is real.

And now that the sunny vacay plans have arrived, the brighter, longer days inspire regular visits to your local leisure center pool-plus wild swimming adventures. Summer is here, and it means an influx of water-based fun.

Let us separate facts from myths with the period swimwear. Swimming, while you are on your period is not unhygienic, and you will not leave a trail in the water.

This makes skipping pool parties and swimming classes a thing of the past. The period-proof swim bottoms are here to save the day. Your tween can officially take a dip without worrying about surprise leaks or visible Tampax stains.

Read on to know how to swim on your period, no matter how heavy it is.

What Is Period Swimwear?

Will you tell the difference between period swimwear and regular swimsuit bottoms when your tween is with her peers on the beach? We didn’t think so.

Period swimwear looks exactly like regular swim bottoms, the only difference being that it contains a hidden lining that helps absorb your tween menstrual fluid and protects against leakage.

And yes, the period swimwear has been specifically designed to work underwater. It is excellent for providing a backup solution if your tween uses menstrual cups or tampons. Some menstrual swimwear also has room for a pad.

The period swimwear is designed for your tween to use as they swim during their periods, incontinence, or vaginal bleeding. A period swimwear differs from period underwear, as you get to swim with period swimwear.

How Does Period Swimwear Actually Work?

Are you the type of woman that believes that period and swimming don’t mix? Well, your tween, you can still go for swimming classes, as she relaxes in the water, as we all know that it works wonders (being inside the water) when you are cramping, feeling ‘period bleurgh’ or bloated.

A period-proof bathing suit can hold up to 10ml ( two tampons worth ) of menstrual blood. It has an upper and lower mesh leakproof technology(others have three layers). The triple layer gusset absorbs your tween’s flow and looks for leaks when she is in and out of water.

The upper mesh layer is meant to fight bacteria and stop any smell as it is the absorbent layer. Thanks to its antimicrobial technology, that helps wick away moisture and sweat while neutralizing odors.

The second layer is a super-thin, highly absorbent liner that holds the power of three tampons or pads. While the bottom mesh layer is water repellant as it is made from recycled nylon. This helps your menstrual blood from flowing into the water around you as much as it stops the water from getting in. The bottom layer is also chlorine resistance and UV50 plus rated.

This tween bathing suit will “kill” the story of the dye our parents used to tell us would show up if you dared wee in the water! Some period bathing suits are “period and pee friendly.”

Your tween might want to ensure that the swimwear sits snugly under her vulva. When the period swimwear has no space around her legs, no water will get in.

This period swimwear will protect your tween from pelvic floor mishaps, light period, and spotting.

Can Anyone Tell It Is Period Swimwear?

No one can tell when your tween is wearing her period pants for swimming. This is because the swimwear absorbent gusset is very discreet that even she has to look very closely to notice the lining. It is thin and not bulky at all.

The only time someone might be able to tell that your tween has a period swimwear on is if they also own the same type of swimwear.

Best Period Swimwear For Tweens

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Modibodi Red Swimwear Bikini Brief

Modi Bodi Red Swim bikini
Image courtesy Modibodi

The Red Swimwear Bikini Brief from Modibodi is an affordable period bikini bottoms that your tween can pair with the bikini or tankini tops they already have.

This bikini is available in only two colors, navy and black, meaning your tween girl will not go wrong as they are neutral colors.

They are best for light flow (10 ml) and are designed specifically for younger bodies, sizing starts from a girl’s 8 through to size 16.

Knixteen Period Swim Sport One-Piece

Knixteen Period Swimear Green period swimwear
Image Courtesy Knixteen by Knix

The period-proof sport swimwear from Knixteen is great for your tween girl as it has a variety of trendy colors and prints. If your tween has not gotten the hang of using tampons, then this period swims sport one piece got her!

It is a sleek one-piece that will leave your tween girl feeling hot and forgetting all about her periods as it is for medium absorbency. With this period swimsuit for swimming, your tween will swim freely and fearlessly on her period.

Available from size XXS suitable for your smallest tween whose already started her period.

Ruby Love Teen Period Swimwear Ruffle Set

Teen ruffle set period swimsuit
Image courtesy Ruby Love

Who can guess that this hot tween period swimwear ruffle set is secretly doing the job of three tampons! This gorgeous swim set from Ruby Love will allow your tween to swim and surf worry-free and in style.

This swimwear is made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, with a leak-proof layer that is two layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh.

Available from a size XXS ideal for young girls just starting their period all the way through to ladies.

Period Swimwear – Black Menstrual Leakproof Bikini Bottoms

This tween swimwear from Savvi Wear Store has extra leakproof protection, style, and comfort for your tween to enjoy while in the water. It is a quality period proof reusable swimwear with light-moderate absorbency.

With a bamboo lining, it perfectly absorbs and fights smell for your tween’s best hygiene with no period smells. It’s a tweens period swimwear ideal for menstrual periods, discharge, and spotting. It is easy to clean and machine wash friendly BUT remember not to use a fabric softener.

You’ll find sizing all the way down to 3X-small.

Knixteen Period Swim Ribbed High Rise Bikini Bottom

Knixteen High Rise Bikini Period Swimmers
Image courtesy Knixteen by Knix

Period swimwear for tweens that are high rise is the in thing. They have risen in popularity for offering more coverage than traditional bikini bottoms. These high-rise bikini bottoms from Knixteen claim to soak up three teaspoons of blood with zero leaks or drips.

The period swims ribbed high rise bikini bottom will ensure that your tween is comfortable during all her outdoor activities that involve splashing around in the water. With a wide size range starting from XXS, it is perfect for your tween to choose from.

Ruby Love Period Swimwear Skinsuit

Ruby Love Swimsuit
Image courtesy Ruby Love

We are always concerned about sun safety when our tweens are on the beach. That is no more with this period swimwear skin suit that has more coverage helping protect your tween from the harsh and dangerous UV rays.

With a comprehensive nylon/spandex fabric, this Ruby Love swimwear keeps everything in place while the organic cotton absorbs up to three tampons worth. It is flattering with a high neck, super comfy fashion zip, and a rush guard. It is available in large and junior sizes starting from XXS.

YAFEI Athletic Period Suit

The YAFEI athletic period suit for tweens is great as it provides them with the most personal protection in their dancing, fitness, swimming, and other sports. It has an absorbent mid section that is equivalent to two tampons worth.

The YAFEI swimsuit is designed to replace other femcare products that your tween uses while swimming.

It can, however, be used with tampons or menstrual cups for extra protection as it is made from high cotton fabric, making it soft and breathable.

RED Recycled Swimwear One Piece

Red Recycled Swimwear one piece girls period swimsuit
Image courtesy Modibodi

If your tween needs swimwear that supports up top and down low, check out this Modibodi one piece that promises protection from light-moderate flow and spotting both in and out of the water.

The Modibodi Red feels like regular swimwear but with a built-in patent pending lining to absorb fluids and fight odor and bacteria. To activate the gusset tech, you must wash it before you wear it after purchasing.

Available from a youth size 8-10 this is an ideal first period swimsuit for a tween (light to moderate flow, 10ml).

Ruby Love Teen Period Swimwear One Shoulder

Ruby Love one shoulder period swimwear for teens
Image courtesy Ruby Love

Your tween can’t wait to wear this new off-shoulder ruffled swimsuit from Ruby Love!

It is a stylish and discreet swimsuit that no one has to know that your tween is on her period. It is a slim and flattering fit that holds up to three tampon’s worth, and no one will ever find out.

Ruby Love Teen Period Swimwear Tank Set

Tank set from Ruby Love red period swimwear for teens
Image courtesy Ruby Love

If your tween needs protection but wants to look cute, this Ruby Love two-piece that comes in a handful of colors is the right tank set for her.

It has adjustable tie bottoms made with dri-tech mesh liner ensuring no leakage from all sides and even allowing room for a pad as backup protection.

Available from XXS its a cute and stylish swimsuit solution for your tween girl who wants to be confident in the water this summer.

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