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Cool Pool Toys For Tweens – Summer 2024 Essentials For 9 To 12-Year-Olds

Kids floating in a pool on giant floaties

It’s almost summer which means it is just about that time to set up the pool and find some cool pool toys for tweens!

Sure, swimming is fun all by itself but when you add some cool pool toys for tweens, the water gets even more fun for everyone!

Perfect for pool parties or when you just want some outdoor fun with the family, these fun pool toys will have everyone competing against each other or teaming up with friends and family to see who can score the most points. There are even some pool toys included on the list that your tween can play with on their own.

20 Best Tween Pool Toys in 2024

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Underwater Surf Board

Your tween will love underwater surfing with this pool board. Made from a soft durable foam, the curved surfboard will be a cool pool toy for both underwater and on-the-water play.

Pool Volleyball Set

Perfect for summer pool parties, this volleyball set doubles as a basketball set so that your tween can have fun in the water. They’ll enjoy playing with friends or family as they splash around in the pool.

Toss N Splash Inflatable Game

Whether your tween is a master at throwing or just wants to have fun with friends and family, this toss and splash game is fun.

It’s a versatile swimming pool toy that’s also competitive as they try and toss the balls into the floating scoreboard to see who can score the most points.

Watermelon Ball JR

Combine football, basketball, and rugby together in this fun underwater pool toy.

Tweens can split up into teams to compete against each other to see who can score the most points.

Swim Through Rings

No matter what age your child is, they will have a blast trying to swim through the underwater rings.

Create an obstacle course to see how many inflatable rings they can get through or make it a competition to see who can get through the rings the fastest.

Inflatable Ring Toss Game

Ring toss is a fun game to play during the summer and it is even more fun to play while chilling in the pool.

The goal is to toss the rings onto the inflatable scoreboard to see how many points you can rack up.

Glow in the Dark Pool Games

Add a light-up game set to play a variety of different games with this pool set.

Suitable for all ages and up to 2-12 players, these games can be played with the family or during a fun tween pool party.

Swimming Pool Basketball

Includes everything you need to set up a pool basketball party with the family. The base is a sturdy hoop that’s filled with water, so it stays upright while in the pool. You also get a pump to get the basketballs ready for action.

LED Beach Ball

A light-up beach ball that has 4 different light modes to help make any pool game or sports game fun.

Tweens can use this to play volleyball, toss, or they can hit it back and forth while splashing around in the pool.

Underwater Torpedo Set

Kids will love seeing how far they can shoot the torpedoes underwater with this fun and cool pool toy for tweens.

Seeing how far they can get the torpedoes glide can be fun whether they are playing on their own or with a group!

Shoot N Score Game

Another pool party game that is fun for the whole family, this shoot and score game is set up in the pool and will have your tween tossing the plastic balls into the scoreboard.

Floating Water Polo

Take the game of polo to the water with this pool polo setup.

This is a watersport game that kids of all ages can play as they have fun and splash around the pool with friends and family.

Battle Rafts

Tweens will love battling with friends and family as they sit in these inflatable rafts.

It also makes for a fun pool party game for teens as they battle it out to see who can win.

Hydro Lacrosse

Great for playing lacrosse with friends and family while enjoying the water, this water lacrosse set will make for a fun party game for tweens. It’s easy to set up so you can have it up and going in no time.

Water Paddle Ball

If your tween loves playing paddle ball, they will love this water paddle ball set.

The game can be played in the water or out of the water, but playing while swimming brings a little more challenge and fun to the sport.

Inflatable Toy Tank Squirt Gun

Take the love of squirt guns to a whole new level with this fun inflatable toy tank squirt gun.

The giant outdoor water tank has a built-in water cannon that can blast up to 50 feet.

Inflatable Cornhole

Take your cornhole game to the water with this inflatable pool party game for tweens.

You can inflate or deflate the cornhole set to make the game easier or harder, depending on your play style.

Water Skipping Ball

This set of 2 water foam skipping balls will have your tween trying to skip the ball on top of the water while in the pool.

Made specifically for higher bouncing and continuous skipping, tweens can see how far they make the ball skip the water.

Pool Slide

There’s nothing more fun than sliding off into the water with a fun inflatable pool slide.

Just set it on the deck or patio next to the pool and watch them go!

Aqua Pump Rocket

Made with a waterproof design, this set of launchers and foam rockets can shoot up to 75 feet.

Tweens can play with friends and family as they splash around the pool trying to aim at one another while they fight the waves from the water.

Stingray Torpedo

Tweens can splash around in the pool as they see whose stingray torpedo can swim the fastest and go the longest.

The wings are even adjustable so that tweens can customize the stingray and see which setting makes it go the fastest.

More Toys & Games for Tweens

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