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20 Best Gifts for Your Tween Artist

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It is usually around the middle school years that our kids start to show more interest in art and want to learn more about the different techniques.

However, when it comes to finding the perfect art gifts for tweens, or middle school-aged children, it can get a bit overwhelming. There are so many different art sets, kits, and supplies that make it confusing when you aren’t sure where to start.

Whether your tween has just started showing an interest in art or has been fine-tuning their art skills, these are some of the best art gifts for tweens.

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Best Art Gifts for Tweens

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Watercolor Painting Set

ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Vivid Colors in Portable Box, Including Metallic and Fluorescent Colors. Perfect Travel Watercolor Set for Artists, Amateur Hobbyists and Painting Lovers

For tweens who’s love to get started with watercolor painting, this set has everything they need. From real brush pens that are colorful and vibrant to watercolor pages, this painting set will make a great art gift.  

Hand Lettering Set

If your tween would be interested in learning more about or trying hand lettering, this set would be the perfect starter kit for them. It’s easy to follow and understand so they can really learn without getting frustrated.

It includes several writing tools and a kneaded eraser, ideal for fixing those minor mistakes. The perfect tween stocking stuffer for the budding artist.

Doodle and Color Art Set

With over 142 pieces included in this art set, your tween will have everything they need to start coloring and getting creative.

Coming in a beautiful presentation box, it is ideal for gifting. Your artist set includes crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors.

Brush Markers

Dual Brush Marker Pens for Coloring Books, Tanmit Fine Tip Coloring Marker & Brush Pen Set for Journaling Note Taking Writing Planning Art Project

A double-ended design so that your artist can draw fine details, calligraphic strokes, and more is what makes these so cool. The markers are sturdy and don’t fray easily so this will be a good investment for your creative tween.

Spiral Bound Sketch Pad

If your tween loves to draw and sketch, this spiral-bound sketch pad will make a great gift. It’s easy for them to carry around and provides a comfortable sketching experience. Ask anyone who loves to sketch, and they’ll tell you that you can never have too many sketch pads!

Sketch Pencils

Mr. Pen- Sketch Pencils for Drawing, 14 Pack, Drawing Pencils, Art Pencils, Graphite Pencils, Graphite Pencils for Drawing, Art Pencils for Drawing and Shading, Shading Pencils for Sketching

Ideal for sketching and shading, these pencils are great for both beginners and advanced artists. These graphite pencils come in a set of 12 so they will have plenty of practice and the perfect pencil for every type of shading.

Don’t forget a good quality pencil sharpener if you’ll be investing in good quality pencils.

How to Draw Cool Things

This is a very cool guide from Rachel Goldstein that is perfect for those who have an interest in drawing optical illusions, 3D letters, cartoons, or other cool designs.

Ideal for your tween that can already sketch but wants to take these skills to the next level.

Deluxe Artist Painting Set

For the ultimate tween artist gift, this deluxe painting set has over 130 pieces and includes both a wood and aluminum easel.

The set also includes a variety of paint and accessories that can grow with your tween as they advance their skills.

Calligraphy Pen Set

Calligraphy is a wonderful skill to introduce to your tween. With four custom stylized pens, interchangeable nibs, and several colored inks, your tween will love learning how to write and practice their calligraphy skills. An instructional guide is included to get them started.

Lartique “The Box of Art” Painting Kit

A superb starter set, 24 blank canvases, and everything your young artist needs to get started.

Get your tween painting with a variety of different techniques. There’s a set of acrylic paints included but your tools will also work with oil paint, watercolors, gouache, pastel, spray paint, tempera, and more.

Sketch Prompts Books

Each week your tween can follow the weekly art prompts included in this book. Each exercise is different and will have them creative doodling and more. The best thing about this book is that it’s full of inspiration and ideas to help them learn and perfect their techniques throughout the year.

Precision Ink Pens

Great for sketching, drawing, and even bullet journaling, these ink pens have a fine point on them so that they can practice their control and precision. They will work on many different papers and surfaces without smear or bleeding.

Acrylic Paint Set

Help encourage your tween to paint with this set of acrylic art colors. There are 30 colors of nontoxic paint included with rich pigments, plus you get a bonus 3 brushes with the set. A great stocking stuffer starter set for the budding tween artist.

Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

This would be a great set for your tween that may just be starting out or has shown interest in drawing and designing.

It includes an in-built easel and several different mediums and tools – 185 pieces in total – to get them practicing, plus it folds into a carry case, ideal for travel.

Sketch Drawing Tools

The perfect gift set for a more advanced tween artist who really loves to sketch. These tools include everything from blending stumps to sharpening tools and kneaded erases, which will allow them to hone their artistic skills.

Clay Sculpting Tool Kit

Got a tween artist that prefers to work with clay? This will be the ideal tween art gift for a potter that will let them advance their pottery hobby to the next level.

This clay sculpting kit includes an all-important artist’s apron and 42 pieces they will need for carving, shaping, modeling, cutting, scraping, brushing, and smoothing.

How to Draw Cute Stuff

Let’s be honest. What tween doesn’t enjoy cute things? This 128 learn-to-draw book includes step-by-step instructions and animation techniques, ideally targeted at the tween age group.

Large Size Art Portfolio Bag 

Your budding artist will soon need a case for their growing collection of artworks. Keep their work protected and easily stowed, ideal for getting to and from school or art classes.

We also love the wide range of colors these cases come in for boys, girls, or unisex.

Polymer Clay Kit

Modeling clay is a superb gift for your tween that likes to work with different mediums. This set includes not just your clay but modeling tools, molds and key chains for making a variety of different oven-baked clay creations.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Are you ready to introduce your tween to the delights of working with a Cricut? So many fun crafts and home styling projects can benefit from this incredibly advanced home-cutting machine.

From the age of 9 onwards, a tween can competently use a cricut with supervision. Let them explore their artistic flare and open up a whole new world of design with an advanced artists tool that will last them for many years to come.

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