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16 Beautiful Baking Gifts For Tweens

Two tweens boy and girl baking in the kitchen with a mixer

How does your tween make you feel every time you are in the kitchen? Or better still, is she interested that, as you bake cupcakes, she helps assemble the ingredients and tries her hand beating up the batter independently?

At the age of 9-12, your tween is really starting to develop their own hobbies and interests, and making their own kitchen creations can be a favorite for many girls in particular. Allowing them to independently make their first cupcakes can be a joyous moment that can turn into a lifelong hobby and passion.

Baking gifts for tweens will be a great idea as it will help harness your tween’s potential, and there’s no better way to kick start this journey than by getting excellent cooking sets and accessories for your tween.

Best Baking Gifts for Tweens Who Love to Bake

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Baketivity Kids Baking Set

Cake Pop Kit for Kids with Pre-Measured Ingredients - DIY Beginner Baking Set for Teens and Kids - Fun

This is a great baking gift kit for a beginner as it is expansive and comes loaded with lots of cake-baking and decorating supplies.

A cute and colorful gift your tween would love to receive includes staples of flour, salt, flavoring sugar, chocolate chips, and food colors. Not leaving behind the sprinkles, which are everyone’s favorite, helps to garnish your tween’s masterpiece. This kit helps keep you on a budget and has easy instructions for your tween.

Tween Cookbooks

This will be an excellent baking present for your tween as it is specifically designed for a younger audience with easy-to-follow recipes compared to the regular old baking cookbooks. 

It teaches your novice bakers the simple basics of pastries. It is a gift that will leave your tween feeling like a pro in the kitchen, thanks to its step-by-step baking photos and techniques.


Personalized Apron and Hat

THE APRONPLACE Personalized Embroidered Made In The USA Add A Name Child Apron and Hat Set - Toddlers & Kids Sizes

What would be cooler for your tween than a stylish apron and hat that has their names on? It will build your kid’s confidence a notch higher as they feel they can now handle baking matters.

Aprons are also a great way to keep your kid’s clothes clean from the egg whites and flour involved in baking; thus, a win-win kind of gift.

Mixing Gear

Your regular kitchen utensils won’t bring out the fun for your kid as they delve into the world of baking. Getting them fun mixing gear will be the real deal! This is one of the best presents for people who like to bake as they get to do it in style!

This set includes a rainbow whisk, mixing spoons with fun handles, and bright-colored spatulas, ensuring the mixing and stirrings are full of fun. As an added bonus, they are dishwasher-safe, making clean-up time for your tween a cinch too!


Baking Classes

This is among our favorite gift ideas for your kid who loves baking. You wonder why? Because we get to learn together about the newest baking trends and try them out!

There are many baking classes, and you should find one for your tween and enroll in them. Going for virtual courses will also work if you can’t find any baking classes in your town.


Cupcake Baking Set

Silicone Cupcake Baking Cups, Reusable & Non-stick Muffin Cupcake Liners Holders Set for Party Halloween Christmas, Easy Clean Pastry Muffin Molds(Pack of 24, Multicolor)

This is the perfect cupcake baking set to ensure your tween is ready to bake all they have seen in their cookbooks.

A tween who loves to bake will love cakes and cupcakes, and with this set (which includes pan, cupcake liners, pastry bag for frosting, etc.) in their kitchen inventory, they are super good.

This set is one of the greatest Christmas ideas for bakers as Christmas is the season to make merry and a lot of sugar cookies and cupcakes.


Nifty Measuring Set

Measuring Cups and Spoons Set 11 Piece. Includes 10 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons and Cups Set and 1 Plastic Measuring Cup. Liquid Measuring Cups Set and Dry Metal Measuring Cup Set

When your tween receives this stylish measuring set, they will indeed produce a perfect set of cupcakes every time. Does your tween love the color pink? Get them a pink set.

 If they are a fan of mixed colors, you can get those too. Make it a worthwhile gift.


Cookie-Cutter Sets

What do you get a girl who loves to bake? Of course, a cookie-cutter set and a lovely one at that. It is a convenient, dynamic set, thus making it very useful for your kid.

This cool baking gadget will help your young ones explore their creativity in the baking world, thanks to the many shapes they will have to choose from. It will be a great joy for your tween to have this fun exploring set as a gift.


Countertop Oven

This is the real deal for your tween, as every true baker will need a convection oven. Gifting your tween one model out of the many will make them very proud and lucky.

Your kid having a designated oven from the family will help grow their baking hobby.


Colorful Bowls

Mixing Bowls with Lids for Kitchen - 26 PCS Stainless Steel Nesting Colorful Mixing Bowls Set for Baking,Mixing,Serving & Prepping,Size 7, 5.5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.5QT,12 Colorful Cooking Utensils

Does your tween love color? There’s no better way to show your tween that you understand and support their hobby than gifting them with a set of colorful bowls. 

These bowls will blend in well with the other fun kitchen utensils you have bought them and come in handy while stirring to make the batter. They can also be used for whipping the frosting. Ensure to grab a set of bowls with a silicone base as it will help stabilize them during the mixing!


Kids Knife Set

Want your tween to gain even more confidence in the kitchen? This is one kind of gift that will help you relax when your tween is ready to do the chopping, cutting, and dicing.

It comes as an incredible set of kid-proof knives and safety gloves that helps keep accidents and cuts at bay.


Unicorn Baking Set with Storage Case

This is a gorgeous baking set gift that your younger tween will adore. This set comes loaded with basic cake baking and decorating supplies that will benefit your tween when baking. 

It is an ideal kit for your novice baker including not just cake decorating tools but all the preparation tools they need too including knifes and cutting boards, measuring spoons and rolling pins – plus a coordinated unicorn apron. Keep everything organized when they’re finished thanks to its storage case. 


Oven Mitts

Your tween loves spending time in the kitchen trying out new ideas for baking, but there’s nothing more off-putting to their baking adventure than scolds.

Grab your budding tween chef a trendy set of their own oven mitts. We love these character silicone mitts that can double as a hot pot stand and withstand temperatures up to 446°F.


Cake Color Set

U.S. Cake Supply Airbrush Cake Color Set - The 12 Most Popular Colors in 0.7 fl. oz. (20ml) Bottles Made in the USA

Fun cake colors to decorate their creations makes baking even more fun for your tween. This color set will be the perfect finishing touch and really help them stamp their personality on their baked goods – all those junior art classes and years of learning color mixing rules will finally pay off when they finish their masterpiece!


Cake Decorating Kit for Beginners

700PCs RFAQK Cake Decorating Kit with Baking Supplies - Cake Decoration Set with Springform Pans, Cake Leveler, Turntable Stand, Numbered Piping Tips, Icing Spatulas, Fondant Tools & much more

An all-in-one cake decorating kit, this is one of the best gift sets you can buy a tween who loves to bake.

This baking kit has many creative extras that others miss including piping bags with 24 different styles of icing tips to try, a turn table and several different spatulas and leveling tools to really develop their skills.


DIY Galaxy Donut Kit

Uncommon Goods DIY Galaxy Donut kit

Your tween baker will absolutely love this DIY Galaxy Donut Kit. Everything you need neatly delivered in one box to your door. Organic and all-natural ingredients along with the plastic donut mold and beautiful glaze mix and sparkles for an out of this world result!

Tweens love helping in the kitchen and other areas around the house. If your tween has started showing interest in the kitchen department and especially baking, the above gift ideas will get a shrill out of your tween.

Let us know which baking gift ideas will best suit your tween in the above categories or otherwise. We would really love to hear your big ideas!

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