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Keeping Easter Fun For Your Tweens

A group of pre-teen kids dressed up to celebrate easter

Easter is typically a time to spend with your family, and no doubt has brought years of joy and fun memories for your family. From watching your tots find special surprises left by the Easter bunny to creating wonderful crafts to decorate your home.

But what happens when your children get a little older?

There is no denying that as your children get older, they outgrow some of those magical holiday moments. When we are kids we enjoy the magic, but there is no better feeling than being the one who brings the magic to life, is there?

So how can you keep that sparkle going when you have a tween who is likely to want to grow up beyond their years?

It is possible to celebrate and make Easter fun for everyone, even once you reach the pre-teen years. Here we’re going to share with you several different ways this can still be a joyous holiday with tweens in the house, even if they’re not sure there’ll be an Easter bunny this year.

Fun Easter Activities for Tweens

Easter was likely a time when the Easter bunny would hide eggs for your children to find or some form of variation of it as we all have our own interpretations and traditions. So as your little ones become tweens and teens, here are some of the Easter activities for tweens that you can all enjoy together that will keep the magic going.

Easter egg hunts with a difference

First of all, let’s focus on one of the main events. Easter egg hunt for tweens are so much fun, but you might want to think about these a little differently now your children are getting older. So here are a few alternative ideas.

Solve the clue Easter egg hunt

Usually, you might just hide the eggs and let the kids go looking for them, but this time make it a little harder. With each egg leave a clue as to where they will find the next one. You can make it just inside or a combination of inside and out. Think about the different clues you could write. If you need some help you will find plenty of riddles and easter egg hunt clues for tweens online. This is a fun Easter scavenger hunt for tweens.

Glow-in-the-dark nighttime Easter Egg hunt

Instead of hosting the Easter Egg hunt during the day or in the morning, why not save it as a nighttime activity instead? You could find glow-in-the-dark plastic eggs or even add a bit of glow-in-the-dark paint to different eggs so that they can be seen. You could look at adding Easter egg hun riddles for tweens or just hide them and let the children find them.

The timed Easter Egg hunt

Why not make the Easter egg hunt competitive? You could do a timed Easter egg hunt and the person who finds the most eggs win. Or leave clues and a trail and time your children to see how long it takes them to complete it.

Prize every time Easter Egg hunt

Lastly, you might want to think about adding prizes to plastic eggs this time. It doesn’t need to be expensive gifts, but perhaps your tween collects sports cards or little collectibles that are found in blind bags. You can buy a few of them and add them to plastic eggs.

Older girl helping a young boy with an easter egg hunt
Older kids can still enjoy the fun of an egg hunt, helping the younger kids and with more creative and challenging scavenger hunt clues

Easter Family Games

Another thing you might want to think about is family games. Many families come together at Easter and anything competitive will always get your tween interested. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Easter Egg Charades

Charades is always a fun game, so why not get a bulk load of plastic eggs and fill them with charades. Then split the family into teams and then play the game as normal, but instead, you will pick an easter egg from the basket each time. You could try and make them easter or spring themed.

Easter Egg taboo

Another fun game that can be played throughout an Easter gathering is the Easter Egg taboo. Each person will have a basket filled with a set amount of eggs. Then as a group, you need to decide what the taboo is.

For example, it might be standing and saying the word Easter at the same time. It could be anything. Then when anyone spots that person doing that taboo they take an egg from the basket. The person with the most eggs at the end wins.

Easter Egg Toss

A simple game that can get very competitive is Easter egg toss. Grab a basket and some hard-boiled eggs that have been painted or even mini eggs in foil. Then take turns throwing the egg into the basket. You could have specific colors for different players and the person who does it the most times wins.

Easter Egg Bowls

This is a great one that involves a bit of crafting first. Have hard-boiled eggs that you can paint. Paint a couple of eggs in different colors. Then paint one white egg. First of all, toss the white egg, and then take it in turns with your nominated colored eggs to throw your eggs to try and get as close to the white egg as possible. The person closest at the end of the round wins.

Capture the Egg

Finally, this is a great game for older kids.

  • Get four eggs in red and four eggs in blue.
  • Split your group into two teams.
  • Hide the eggs in the garden and then send your team on their way to find their colored eggs.
  • The aim is to have all four eggs in your basket at the end, however, the other team will try and stop you!
  • You can also steal eggs from the basket and re-hide them.
  • The team that has all of their eggs in the basket at the same time wins!
red easter eggs hidden in a garden
Find more create ways to engage your tweens in Easter games

Easter crafts

You might like the idea of crafts and often we think that tween’s are not interested but they still like to be creative. So here are a few Easter crafts ideas that will interest even the most unwilling tween.

Painting eggs

Get yourself some hard boiled eggs and let them cool, then get the paints out and decorate them. This can be extremely therapeutic.

Dyeing eggs

You can also tye dye hard boiled eggs by placing them in different bowls of food coloring that has been combined with water.

Decorate the house for Easter

Decorating your home for Easter can be a lot of fun. Your tween could take the lead with this. They could create an Easter reef, an Easter tree and have fun making decorations with their younger siblings.


Even older children love a chance to get in the kitchen. So why not bake some easter cookies and decorate them? You could also make an Easter cake.

You can find all our tween Easter craft ideas over here.

Easter crafts with pre teen children painting easter eggs
Easter crafts can still be fun for your pre-teens with more advanced techniques and tools

Easter gift ideas for Tweens

Many like to give gifts at Easter, and so you might be wondering what gift ideas for tweens there is that is appropriate to Easter. You can still do very suimialr things to what you have already done in previous years. So if you are looking for Easter gifts for tweens here are a few suggestions however I have a whole post on gift ideas here.


Chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies are still a great thing to enjoy at this time of the year. You can find some great Easter eggs in the store that are a little more grown-up that they might appreciate.

Easter baskets

Some parents like to do Easter baskets and you could still do this for your tween, with a few more grown up themes. You could look at adding a few of the things they may be collecting, blind bags, or even extra chocolate and goodies when looking to make an easter basket for older kids.

A tween girl might like a few self-care bits like face masks or soap bombs, for example. Or how about some Easter and spring themed jewelry?

You can find all our tween easter basket ideas over here.


Sometimes you can’t go wrong with an iTunes or Amazon voucher. These options can be the perfect Easter gifts for older kids.

Keeping it fun for younger siblings

It can be hard when you have an older child to keep the same level of magic alive for their younger siblings, especially if they are not showing much interest. However, a great tip is to get your older siblings involved in creating the magic instead.

I mentioned earlier that this has got to be one of the best feelings for a parent, so why not let your tween in on the action to keep the magic alive for younger ones? I bet they know all the good hiding spots in the garden!

colorful easter eggs on grass

You want to keep the balance just right, so having fun games the whole family will enjoy but still keeping some of the traditional things going will help you to strike that balance and keep everyone happy.

We hope this has given you plenty of Easter ideas for keeping your pre-teens involved in the fun and excitement of Easter.

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