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Halloween Party Ideas For Tweens: Games, Snacks, Movies & More!

Tween girls looking creepy at a Halloween party

Unleashing Tween Halloween Magic: Crafting the Ultimate Spooktacular Bash For Pre-Teens & Middle School-Aged Children

Halloween is on the horizon! But for those of us with tweens, we know this isn’t just about sugar-fueled trick-or-treating anymore. No, these kids are in that magical middle ground – too old for the little kiddie stuff but not quite ready for the scary teen scene.

This poses a delightful challenge: How do you throw a Halloween party that strikes the right balance, ensuring our tweens have an unforgettable night but won’t be considered totally lame? Halloween for tweens is a chance to earn some serious cool cred and start expressing more of their individuality.

Grab your magic wand, and let’s dive into the secrets of hosting an enchanting, age-appropriate, and utterly memorable Halloween bash for the tween crowd! 🎃✨

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Formula For Your Tween Halloween Party

When planning a Halloween party for tweens, the first rule is to get them involved. It’s essential to recognize the fine line between what’s cool and what’s too childlike or mature for their age. It’s important that you get their buy-in at an early stage on all the decisions you’re about to make!

Come Up With a Cool Theme For The Party

When it comes to selecting a theme for a preteen Halloween party, it’s essential to tap into the imaginative and ever-evolving interests of this dynamic age group. Gone are the days of simplistic pumpkin and ghost themes; today’s preteen party guests crave something more inventive and engaging.

Begin by considering current pop culture trends, movies, or book series that have captured their attention. Think about the likes of magical worlds, popular video games, or even TikTok challenges turned spooky! However, ensuring the theme isn’t overly juvenile or too mature is crucial.

Seek feedback by brainstorming with your preteen or conducting a quick poll among potential partygoers – a haunted house of spider webs and spooky music never fails to please, but equally, seeking a modern theme can give your tweens more costume creativity during the spooky season.

tween girls with brightly colored halloween costumes

Timing Is Everything For Your Event

Timing is everything, especially when plotting the perfect tween Halloween soirée. Start too early, and the essence of nocturnal mystery might be missed; begin too late, and you’ll have a squad of sleepy specters.

Consider kicking things off in the late afternoon or early evening, around 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM for the tween age group. This allows for some daylight fun, like pumpkin carving or outdoor games, and then transitions beautifully into the evening’s spookier activities as darkness falls.

It’s a great idea to wrap up by 9:30 PM or 10:00 PM, ensuring everyone gets home safely and still gets a good night’s sleep. Even if it’s a Halloween sleepover, you should still be setting a strict bedtime to curtail those sugar hangovers!

Remember, it’s about balancing the thrill of nighttime festivities with the practicality of school nights and weekend schedules. So, as the clock ticks, make every moment bewitchingly unforgettable by sticking to a schedule.

Suitable Snacks and Halloween Party Food and Drinks

When hosting a Halloween party for tweens, the snack table isn’t just about satiating hunger; it’s an extension of the party’s spine-chilling atmosphere and an opportunity to dazzle with creativity.

Tweens crave a mix of familiar treats with a twist of the unexpected. So, whether you’re aiming for playful and eerie edibles or indulgent desserts with a dash of spookiness, curating the perfect spread requires a careful balance.

Some simple Halloween snacks that are not just a feast for the stomach but also a spectacle for the eyes include:

  • Halloween Charcuterie Board – This board can be filled with holiday treats from hot dogs to gummy worms. It’s easy enough for the older kids to help you put it together. If you want to sneak in some fruits, you can cover them in chocolate or serve them up with ghastly names (don’t forget to label items in case of any allergies!).
  • Ghoulish Guac – Serve your traditional guacamole and your favorite bowl, but add a sour cream spider web on top and serve with blue tortilla chips
  • Weird-shaped cookies – You can purchase spooky-looking cookie cutters and have a blast decorating them with your tween to create an amazing finish.
  • Dry ice punch – You’ll need a spooky drink for a Halloween party to entertain your tween guests. So smoky drinks or regular punch bowls with a skull or something spooky will work – there are a few more excellent mocktail ideas over here if you want to get super creative with your drinks!
  • Brain-shaped jello or cake- If you have a Brain Gelatin Mold sitting around, it’s time you put that to work. You can use it to create a Jell-O or cake with it, and it will be a great centerpiece for your tween Halloween party.

There are plenty more ideas on keeping the troops fuelled for your Halloween party with this selection of tween Halloween party snacks.

a lay out of exciting halloween party snacks for kids

Add A Superb Selection of Suitably Scary Movies

Playing scary movies at a tween Halloween party can set the perfect spooky ambiance, making the experience all the more memorable. However, it’s essential to choose films that are age-appropriate, offering chills without being overly intense or graphic on your tween’s first scary movie night.

A balance between fun and fright will keep the tweens entertained without causing nightmares later on!

Some not-too-scary movie ideas for tweens include:

  • Goosebumps – Based on the popular book series, R.L. Stine’s monsters come to life in this fun adventure.
  • Hocus Pocus – the tale of three witch sisters resurrected in modern-day Salem.
  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf – Inheriting the spooky Wolfsberg Manor in Romania, a freak accident turns Jordan into a werewolf.
  • ParaNorman – A boy can speak to the dead and must save his town from a zombie invasion.

We have a much more detailed selection of the best Halloween movies for tweens over here.

It’s always a good idea to be familiar with the content or check reviews for any movies to ensure they align with the comfort level of your party guests and their parents!

Halloween Party Games For Tweens That Aren’t Lame

Whilst you could plug a spooky movie in and be done with it, the unique brew of childhood’s playful innocence and adolescence’s emerging independence mean Halloween games for tweens should be well thought out.

While they’ve soared past the allure of basic pumpkin bowling or pin-the-hat-on-the-witch, they’re not entirely ready for the more mature mysteries of a teen-level haunted escape room.

The quest becomes finding Halloween party games that respect their growing intellect and diverse interests yet remain enchantingly Halloween-centric and inclusive. Try some of these not-so-creepy party games:

1. Pumpkin Face

The pumpkin face is a simple and fun Halloween game that your tween and their peers will enjoy. To play this game, you need cheese balls, Vaseline, and a timer.

Ask your guests to apply lots of Vaseline to their faces. Then, when you say “GO,” they all dip their faces in bowls full of cheese balls and smear as many cheese balls on their faces in a set time.

The person with the most cheese balls stuck to their face when the timer goes off is the winner.

2. Mummy Games

There are two common mummy games you can indulge your tweens in. One classic game involves wrapping the mummy, while the other involves racing using a rolled-up mummy.

So, to play Wrap the Mummy, you must divide the guests into teams. Each team will choose a mummy, and once you say “GO,” they will wrap their mummy either a roll of toilet paper, tissue paper, bandage wrap, or plastic wrap (when using plastic wrap, ensure the teams avoid wrapping the mummy’s face).

The first team to have their mummy wrapped without any skin but their nose and mouth showing is the winner.

Boy wrapped in tpilet paper to look like a mummy - Halloween party game

When it comes to the mummy race, you will play this one differently as it’s longer. After each team has their mummy wrapped (preferably in plastic wrap), they will lower the mummy gently to lie on the ground, and once you say “GO,” they will roll the mummy to the finish line.

The game can end at the finish line, or you can make it longer by ensuring each team unwraps their mummy once at the finish line.

For an even longer race, once the mummy is unwrapped, the mummy can run back to the team, then the team will start wrapping up a new mummy in a relay race. The game continues until all team members have been wrapped and rolled over the finish line.

4. Halloween Treasure Hunt

Depending on what your tween loves, you can plan a Halloween treasure hunt in so many ways. You can turn the treasure hunt into a torchlight Halloween hunt or Halloween egg or pumpkin hunt. So, let’s talk about how to play a torchlight scavenger hunt game.

You can wrap sweets in tissue paper or cellophane to play this game. You could coat the wraps with glow-in-dark paint or stickers and hide them around the house or in your garden. When it’s time to play, hand each of your guests a spotlight and a basket or bag, switch off the lights, or put them in dim if playing indoors so the race can begin.

You can play it a little differently in the Halloween egg hunt or pumpkin hunt. Fill plastic eggs or pumpkins with candy and hide them all around the house or outdoors. You can use the early night by letting people search for these in the dark or let them play this game during the day. Either way, it will be a fun tween Halloween experience.

5. Guess the Name

This game can be all-inclusive since you can involve the guests in creating it. Ask your Halloween guests to write down the names of a couple of famous Halloween characters on a piece of paper.

These names can be from spooky films or stories. They can be named like a ghoul, ghost, goblins, etc.; you can tear these papers and fold them in half, then place them in a bowl or something spooky like a witch’s hat.

Now that the first part of the game is done, it’s time for the fun to begin! Divide your guests into teams (they could be two or more teams). Now, each team can take turns playing the game.

When the team picks a person, they pick a piece of paper from the bowl or hat; then, you can set a timer as they start giving their team members clues to the name.

You can set rules to this game, like giving too much information, like what the names start with. If they guess the name correctly, the team can take up another go at guessing it.

Let’s say you have a timer for 45 seconds; this means that the team playing can guess as many names as they can in those seconds. You can also give the teams one chance to pass around the paper so another team member can help out.

Once the timer goes off, the teams have to switch up until there are no more words in the hat; then, you can check their scores to determine which team has won.

6. Create a Crime Scene Murder Mystery

You can create a fake crime scene at your party for this murder mystery game.

All you have to do is gather up objects one can find at a crime scene, but don’t use dangerous ones like knives or ropes. You can use items like certain fruits, wooden spoons, magnets, or even stuffed animals.

Divide your guests into teams and let them create a crime scene using the items you gave them. This is a fun activity for kids at a Halloween party for tweens.

7. Pumpkin Carving Contest

You can also indulge your guests in this amazing Halloween-appropriate game; your creative tweens will appreciate it, and it works well with a larger group to entertain. You can create different categories such as spooky, scary, funny, cute, or classic designs, so there’s more than one winner and different creative directions they can take.

carved pumpkins for halloween

You can also let them draw on the pumpkins if you don’t want them to carve or you feel they’re too young and irresponsible to handle carving without causing an accident (not all preteens are as mature as each other!)

Either way, this is one of those classic Halloween party activities you can’t miss off your agenda if you’re having a traditional spooky season event.

8. Pinata

Of course, every tween will love the idea of whacking something until a treat falls out. So, why not get an appropriately spooky pinata for your tween’s Halloween party?

To hold this game in a Halloween theme, ensure you purchase a Halloween-themed pinata. It could be something like a pinata shaped like a skull, a bat, a Frankenstein head, or other amazing options you’ll find in the store.

Fill the pinata with an array of Halloween candies and treats for your tween guests to enjoy. The great part about Pinata is younger children can join in too

9. A Halloween Twister

Making a twister game fun during Halloween involves you making some printouts of monsters. You could attach each monster to a twister color that looks similar to them.

For example, you can stick Frankenstein to the green dots and Dracula to the red dots. You can also help your tween decide which monster should represent the various colors.

You’ll play the game similarly to the classic Twister, except the board will have monsters instead of colors.

Party Favors For a Tween Halloween

It’s always nice at the end of your tweens party to send your guests home with a keep sake. Choosing Halloween gifts for tweens can be a bewitching task; honestly, there’s no limit to the creativity you could use if you’d like to give out party favors.

Whilst our tweens might have just about had their fill of sugar and bags of candy by the end of the night, why not choose something that resonates a little deeper and won’t just end up straight in the trash?

We hope this has inspired you and your tween to plan a Halloween party that definitely won’t be considered too lame or babyish but perfectly brews their maturity and personality for a memorable night.

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