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16 Awesome Elementary School Graduation Gifts

Best Elementary School Graduation Gifts

Have an elementary school graduate that you need a gift for? Someone in the family who has accomplished their goals through elementary school and is now off to their new adventures in middle school?

If so, then we have a list of some fun and unique elementary school graduation gifts that we think they will enjoy. Everything from keepsakes like bracelets and necklaces that include some uplifting messages to fun shirts to help them say goodbye to the elementary years.  

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Hello Middle School Shirt

Let your new graduate say goodbye to Elementary school and hello to middle school and the new adventures in style.

This t-shirt is perfect for both girls and boys as they take on the adventure of Middle school.

Gear Fidget Necklace

This necklace for boys features a unique rotating gear pendant. The necklace and pendant are both made from stainless steel and will be a great gift for elementary school graduation.

Graduation Bookmark

For those who enjoy reading, this bookmark is the perfect way to remind them that they are braver, strong, and smarter as they transition from elementary to middle school.

5th Grade Graduation Bracelet

Each bead on this necklace represents the grades they have successfully passed and how much they have accomplished through their elementary years.

It’s a unique necklace your new elementary graduate will love.

Peace Out Elementary T-Shirt

Let your star student say goodbye to elementary school with this peace out shirt.

It’ll be the perfect shirt to wear on the last day of school and would make a fun early graduation present.

Last Day Autographs

Last Day Autographs 2023
HandMadeArtLTD Etsy

Adding a fun twist to the end of the school year, kids love getting autographs from their classmates – so get them a special souvenir t-shirt just for the occasion!

Available in a huge range of colors ready to wear for a lasting moment from those elementary school years.

Graduation Money Holder

Instead of putting cash in a card, put the bills in this fun graduation money holder. It’s a unique and fun way to give and receive money.

Graduation Trophy

A personalized trophy always makes a great gift of accomplishment.

This trophy is for 5th grade graduates and can be personalized with a special saying of your choice.

Graduation Stuffed Bear

A small keepsake that they can keep forever, this cute little stuffed bear is all dressed up for graduation. The bear will go great with other gifts or make a cool addition to a graduation gift basket.

Girl’s Graduation Day Necklace

This is an adorable necklace for girls graduating 5th grade. The necklace is in the shape of a heart, with a graduation cap charm, and has encouraging words that are engraved around the heart.

MVP Chain Necklace

Boys graduation chain for elementary school on etsy
JewelryWithAMessage1 on Etsy

A beautiful gift idea from a mother to her son, especially those sporty boys who will appreciate the MVP reference. A grown-up piece of jewelry they’ll be proud to wear.

I Paused My Game to Graduate Shirt

We all know how hard it can be to get them away from their favorite video games! This shirt lets everyone know they paused their game for such a special day- the perfect gift for tween gamers.

5th Grade Graduate Bracelet

Fitting for both boys and girls, this 5th-grade graduate necklace includes a meaningful message card that will encourage and inspire.

Elementary Level Complete Shirt

Another gift for your game-playing graduate, this shirt features a picture of a controller and a graduation cap and diploma celebrating their graduation from 5th grade.

Lil Miss 5th Grade Grad Composition Notebook

As she ventures from elementary to middle school, she can use this composition notebook as a journal to write about her memories of elementary school or the new adventures she wants to experience in middle school.

Graduation Music Box

A fun keepsake gift for your elementary graduate, this music box will be a unique gift for students.

The music box plays the theme of “You are my sunshine”.

Gift an Experience

Thinking outside of the box, another special gift for your new graduate could be an experience gift. Whether its tickets to a concert or show, an outing to see their favorite sports team, or paying for a cooking class or music lessons, plenty of non-material gifts could be equally as rewarding for your pre-teen graduating from Middle School.

Heading to middle school is a big deal for your tween. It’s a new chapter in their life that will bring more experiences, new friends, and new adventures. Use these special graduation gifts to celebrate and encourage them through their schooling journey!

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Have you got any other fun suggestions for elementary school graduation gifts? Let us know in the comments how you’ll be marking the occasion with your tween!

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