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30+ Super Gifts For Sporty Tween Boys

tween boy holding a soccer ball

What gift should I get my sporty tween boy for his birthday? Tween boys might be hard to shop for but when they have some clear passions, it certainly makes picking out something they’ll love much easier work!

Forget gift cards or video games they’ll soon forget. Let’s look for something that suits your sporty boy to a tee – practical and thoughtful gifts to improve their skills, hone their hygiene, indulge their passions, and let them show a little bit of style!

With the help of our own sporty boys, check what we have rounded up for your sporty tween guy in 2024, be it a son, nephew, or family friend; these are the types of gifts that will appeal to a sporty preteen boy.

You’ll find our gift guide for sporty girls over here!

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Best Gifts For Sporty Tween Boys

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Sporty Duffel Bag

adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag, Black, One Size

A cool duffel bag is an absolutely essential foundation when looking at sporty gifts for tween boys. They will need it for just about every activity they undertake in their tween year.

Adidas is always a reliable brand that never goes out of style, offering many different color combinations for sporty boys to choose from. The classic Diablo duffel bag is a must.

Phillips Wake Up Light

Getting up in the morning is tough for anyone, and it is even tougher for most tweens who’ve started to fully appreciate the beauty of a long lie-in while their body does nothing but grow!

Gotta get them up early for practice, though? Then this Phillips wake-up light will be an incredible gift to get them. It is an alarm clock that will ensure mornings are more pleasant as it wakes your boy up with gentle lights and nature-inspired sounds. It also has smart features like the FM radio, tap snooze, and an automatic dimmable display.

Fuzion Z250 SE Pro Scooters

One of the best gifts for boys, whether they’re sporty or not, is a scooter! As a mode of transport or for pulling some neat tricks at the skate park, finding a scooter that fits your tween boys’ style and needs is essential.

We have a detailed review of tween scooters for boys over here if you need some help deciding on style and deciphering all the jargon!

Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera

Has your sporty boy been begging you for the latest GoPro to capture his moves out on his bike or skateboard? The good news is there are many brands that cost a fraction of the “official” GoPro but offer equally excellent quality footage they can use in their home videos.

Dragon Touch 4K with 16MP image captures includes a 170-degree wide-angle lens as well as being waterproof and can connect to other devices via wifi for quick downloads.

Don’t forget to throw in some extra memory cards and extra adhesive mounting pads as a nice touch so they can get going as soon as they unwrap this super thoughtful sporty gift.

Customized Medal Holder

Personalized Steel Medal Hanger 20". Custom Text, Color and Images. Dance, Gymnastics, Running, Soccer, Pickleball, Karate, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, More!

Your sporty boy will undoubtedly pick up a few medals and rewards for their achievements over their tween years; what better way to celebrate that success than to display it?

Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is an essential piece of kit for your sporty boy who wants to start tracking his performance and developing healthy habits.

The FitBit Ace 3 has up to 8 days of battery life and is water resistant to 50 meters. The great part about fitness trackers is they double as a watch so (theoretically) no more excuses for your tween running late to practice!

Snorkel Set

Does your sporty boy love hitting the water? A snorkel set is the perfect tween boy gift for kids who are curious about their surroundings.

This kid’s snorkel set is perfectly sized for the tween age group and includes non-slip fins, a dry snorkel tube, an anti-fog mask with tempered glass, earplugs, and a handy carry bag to sling on your shoulder to the beach.

Bike Wheel Lights

LED Bike Wheel Lights (2 Tires) Cool Bike lights - Kids Stocking Stuffer for Kids Toys Gifts Boys 8-12 Age 11 10 Year Old Boy Christmas Presents Girls BMX Accessories Women Bicycle Spoke Teen Bday 8 9

Worried about your tween boy being out on his bike after dark? Time to pimp his ride with these awesome LED Bike Wheel Lights.

Waterproof and easy to install, you can set them to static or flashing in a wide range of colors to fit their existing bike (fits anywhere from 12″ to 19″ wheels).

Light Up Baseball

This cool ball designed for a catch only will be an incredible gift for your baseball-loving boy. The rule used to be that you had to be home when the street lights came on, but with this baseball which has high-powered LEDs, they can continue playing even after the sun goes down.

The gift box includes a spark catch baseball, a user guide, an A23 battery, and a commemorative coin.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

This foot massager is at the top of the wish list of every sporty guy. It is a massager that helps relax tense muscles after a sporting event as it targets specific pressure points of the foot and aids in blood flow.

The coolest point of this massager is that it has a “heat” setting for the winter. It is a thoughtful gift for sporty boys that will last them for years of post-match therapy!

Soccer Trainer

A superb gift idea for a sport boy who loves soccer, this soccer trainer set will allow them to continue practicing their ball control at home or in the yard.

So, whatever the weather and without an opponent, they can still work on those soccer skills to be ready for their next game.

Cool Running Shoes

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 , Black (001)/White , 10.5 Wide

The trendy, sustainably sourced shoe brand Under Armor is everywhere, and it is actually worth the hype. They are super comfy, stylish, and long-lasting enough to make even the snobbiest of sporty shoe nerds happy.

These shoes are lightweight enough for your athletic tween and offer a balance of flexibility and cushioning, ensuring their small but growing feet are safe in there.

Longboard Skateboard

ReDo Skateboard 34.5" x 8

Tweens with skateboards are inseparable; that’s a fact, but they do upgrade. Your sporty guy will appreciate this longboard as a gift to cruise the streets with his peers. It is a sturdy and safe piece that he can use to showcase pro moves and stunts. It is a perfect present for sporty boys.

No Bounds Outdoor Speaker

This outdoor speaker will ensure your sporty tween takes his music with him even when out in the field. It works with either an AUX cable or Bluetooth, and it can also use Bluetooth to sync up more than one speaker for an enhanced listening experience.

What’s more, it is designed to float in water, making it a perfect gift for tween boys who love their outdoor adventures.

Rock Climbing Holds

Your active boy will drool over these rock climbing holds that support weights up to 230lbs. These holds are non-skid, thus reducing the risk of your tween falling off.

Great for use both indoors and outdoors, they come with all the accessories needed for easy and safe installation – you just need a surface to put them on!

This rock climbing kit will ensure your sporty kid exercises their strength, agility, and confidence while climbing (and it certainly saves them from wrecking your furniture with their monkey-like antics!)

Marvel Body Wash Collection

Your sporty tween is probably sweating a lot these days, thanks to all the activities he undertakes. If this line of men’s grooming products inspired by Marvel heroes can clean the Earth’s mightiest, it should be good enough for your tween!

It is a no-brainer gift for young athletes as it is packed with everyday grooming essentials – body wash and deodorant – to help them develop good hygiene habits early on.

Baseball Cap

This classic baseball cap will stand out as a great gift for sporty guys. Your loyal baseball fan will need one of these caps to show support for their favorite team. Your only task will be to find out which team your tween boy loves most.

Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle

A small boy with a big thirst? One of the best gifts for your sporty tween boy is the Iron Flask sports water bottle.

A super useful gift for both hot and cold drinks, they come in a wide range of colors from 14oz to 40oz to suit their size and drinking needs.

It is a stainless steel bottle that is BPA-free and non-toxic and should be hand washed only with soapy hot water. Best yet, it also comes with three different 100% leak-proof lids to suit their preferred drinking style.

Adidas Tiro 19” Training Pants

adidas Tiro 19 Training Pants White/Black X-Small

The classic Adidas track pants with the three stripes down the legs are a must for boys into sports. It brings out a sportier style of lounge pants as it is a slim fit that is breathable with pockets and ankle zips for lightweight comfort. It is a perfect gift that will ensure to keep your sporty tween cool and dry in warm weather.

Comforter Set

Get your sports-mad boy some age-appropriate room décor to suit their favorite sporting passion.

These comforter and duvet sets from NTBED Store are bound to appeal to your junior sports fan with several bold designs, including baseball and football, available in twin and full sizes.

Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball is a cross between volleyball and cross square. It is a lawn game that the whole family will enjoy as it is perfect for the beach, the park, or the backyard.

It is an easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master game that ensures everyone breaks up a sweat and gets some fresh air.

Wireless Earbuds

The perfect sports accessory for your sporty tween. These wireless earbuds will be the ideal workout companion for your boy as they are waterproof, boast a powerful Bluetooth chip, and have a 30 hours of working time.

Punching Bag

Got the next Tyson Fury in your house? Boxing can be a great skill for tween boys to learn, improving their strength and agility. If you’re as sensitive about them getting hurt as we are though, the best solution is a home punching bag set.

Complete with gloves, a stand, a suction base, an inflatable suture, and a pump, this is the ideal boxing set for a tween boy who wants to practice his skills at home. Adjustable from 31″ to 44″, it will grow with your child for years of fun.

Sports Illustrated Kids Graphic Novels

Got a reluctant tween reader? This was us until we discovered sports books! Illustrations in these graphic novels help them through, along with plenty of sports facts and trivia they can bore you silly with!

These Sports Illustrated Kids’ books are written for an 8 to 14-year-old audience, an ideal gift for boys who want to learn more about sports.

Basketball Floor Rug

a blue basketball court rug on etsy for sporty boy gift ideas
Image credit RugzyShop | Etsy

A super original gift idea for a basketball-loving boy, why not spruce up their room with this basketball court rug?

Available from tiny floor mat size ideal for bathrooms, through to full floor covering 6′ by 16.4′ this will be a real talking point for a tween boys’ room.

Portable Disc Golf Target 

Have you joined the disc golf trend? A super game that can be played at home in the yard or out and about with friends.

It’s a great game for working on hand-eye coordination. Your sporty boy will love growing his sporty repertoire and honing his skills with this fun outdoor activity.

Cool Sports Watch

With this classic watch on your tween boy’s wrist, he can comfortably tell the time, thus eliminating the need to carry his smartphone when sporting.

He can also set the timer to ensure that he reduces the time taken with every lap he runs. There are lots of lights and gadgets to explore, as well as being water resistant to 50m.

LED Score Tracker Air Hockey Table

Mainstreet Classics 22-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

Scooping this air hockey table for sporty tweens will be a sure-fire hit. This mini-series tabletop hockey game is an easy-to-assemble piece that includes everything needed apart from the players. All you will have to purchase separately are eight AA batteries.

Wallniture Sporta Wall Mounted Ball Storage

Are you sick of tripping over your tween boy’s growing collection of sporting paraphernalia? This might just be at least part way to a tidier solution!

Whether it’s part of their room décor for a souvenir ball signed by their favorite sports star or simply getting their everyday sports kit off the floor (good luck!), these 7.3″ wall-mounted holders are a seriously practical piece of sporting gear your tween may not think to add to their wishlist but will come in super handy.

Sporting Match Tickets

The best gift for a sporty boy you could possibly imagine is tickets to see their favorite sport live. These sorts of experience gifts form once-in-a-lifetime memories for your kids and a chance to see their heroes up close.

Experience gifts are always a little more challenging to present than physical ones, so why not think of creative ways to reveal the surprise?

You could try a scavenger hunt through the house, with hints along the way. Box up the tickets inside another gift, like a backpack or sports bag. Perhaps you could include in a themed gift basket with stocking stuff items related to your boy’s favorite sport? Or a pop-up sports-themed card containing your surprise announcement.

Whether he’s scoring goals on the soccer field or shooting hoops in the driveway, our curated gift guide ensures that every sporty tween boy will find something to fuel his athletic passion and keep him moving with enthusiasm.

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