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23 Awesome Advent Calendars For Tweens

Advent calendar basket

Tweens are certainly not too young to get joy and excitement from opening their advent calendars throughout December.

If you’re worried about too many chocolates and sweets (aren’t we all after Halloween?), then we’ve scouted out some non-sweet and chocolate advents that will suit your tween’s hobbies and interests to a tee.

Whether your tween (we’re looking at broadly 9 to 12-year-olds here) is into crafts and beauty, science, or collectibles, let’s take a look at the best advent offering for your pre-teen children for Christmas 2024.

Best Advent Calendars for Tweens in 2024

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Purple Ladybug Girls Advent Calendar

If you’re not entirely sure what you’re tween girl is into this year, this Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar is a fabulous variety pack for a tween girl. From fidget toys to accessories, makeup, and crafts, 24 days of delightful surprises perfectly targeted to your growing girls.

Fidget Advent Calendar 2024

Christmas certainly doesn’t escape the fidgets phase! Fidget-loving tweens will get hours of popping, pushing, and squishing fun with 24 days of collectibles to add to their fidget sets.

Minecraft 2023 Advent Calendar

An ideal advent calendar for tweens, your Minecraft fans will love this magnificent boxed advent bursting with Minecraft goodies. This advent includes keychains and decals that can be used for decorating your Christmas tree.

Psst – Head over here for our complete Minecraft gift guide!

DIY Ornament Advent Calendar

make your own ornaments advent calendar from uncommon goods

Every day of December brings a different felt-and-sticker ornament-crafting adventure — the perfect way to fill your Christmas Tree with some homemade love, this is the best tween advent calendar for a crafty kid.

A creation by Kirsten Field

Charm Bracelet Advent

This gorgeous charm bracelet advent calendar can make the perfect pre-Christmas gift for a tween girl. With a bracelet and necklace included, collect your Christmas-themed charms every day for the perfect Christmas day accessory to wear, ready for Santa’s arrival!

LEGO Marvel The Avengers 2023 Advent Calendar

Marvel fans get in line; we know this is the one you’ve been waiting for! If your tween already has enough City LEGO advent pieces to last a lifetime of Christmases, it’s your chance to change things up this December and start collecting 24 days of imaginative play items, all with an Avengers theme.

Advent Calendar 2023 Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Got a jigsaw-loving tween? Unveil a small part of this Christmas-themed fireplace scene every day; this 1008-piece puzzle is solved 42 pieces at a time before your complete picture is revealed on Christmas eve. Finished size 27.56″ x 19.69″.

Makeup Advent

This beautiful beginner makeup advent calendar may be perfect for your tween girl interested in learning more about beauty and fashion. A special treat each day introduces lipsticks, nail polish, blushers, and eye shadows, along with the tools they need for applying makeup. Non-toxic and washable, this a wonderfully fun girls’ advent calendar to try this December.

Advent Shower Steamer Set

Uncommon Goods Advent Shower Steamer

Your older tween girl will adore this advent set of seasonally scented shower steamers. 24 days of body buffing scrub with essential oils and exfoliation, perfect for girls who are learning about skincare and who love the smell of Christmas in the air!

Handmade gift with love from Mazzi and Erez Peled

Shocking Science Advent Calendar

Your STEM-loving kids are not forgotten when it comes to tween advent calendar choices. This Shocking Science Advent from the Purple Cow allows them to explore 24 cool new experiments in the fields of physics, illusions, robotics, and chemistry. An accompanying book will guide them through their daily task, with additional materials appearing daily.

Stationery Advent

A box of stationery advent gifts for girls on Etsy

This stunning feminine stationery advent from ColourTheirDay is sure to please your pre-teen girl with 24 individually wrapped stationery items from notepads to washi tape, paperclips, magnets, and stickers.

Fantastic Slime Advent Calendar

You truly can get almost every tween’s favorite toy in an advent format! If you can handle it, your slime-loving tween will be in squelching, smooshing heaven for 24 days when they get their hands on this slime calendar! This fun advent calendar for tweens is made with non-toxic materials; you’ll get nine different slimes and 15 fun accessories.

Red Jewelry Advent Calendar 2023 

If you are seeking a tween girl advent calendar with a difference, this attractive boxed set will unveil a brand-new piece of wearable jewelry every day for your young ladies who love their trinkets, perfect for creating wearable Christmas jewels to match their favorite Christmas dress!

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Welcoming to a Wizarding World of Harry Potter Christmas style. Collect Harry Potter-themed miniature figurines over 24 days! A wonderful felt-stitched calendar, this officially licensed Harry Potter merch is a cute novelty way to count down to Christmas for your tween Potterheads.

Hatchimals Collegtibles Advent Calendar

Hatchimals fans are not forgotten this Christmas, with 50+ delicate little surprises ready to be unveiled over 24 days. Some big and some small characters, scene setters, stickers, and accessories to mix and match will reveal themselves as a daily treat to keep your tween happy in the Christmas countdown.

Brain Teaser Puzzle Advent Calendars

Curious minds will absolutely love the challenge of 24 brain-teasing puzzles this December. With 12 metal wire puzzles and 12 plastic interconnect puzzles, it’s sure to have more than just your tween curious, clicking, and frustrated at times while testing their IQ!

Crystal Lovers Advent Calendar

This is a cool advent calendar for tweens that love their sparkly, shiny crystals. The perfect dazzling daily treat this December for tweens who love collecting gems with 24 unique specimens to collect.

Each box is lovingly filled by IAmGretchenBoutique with hand-selected gems so that each box will be unique.

Pokemon Funko Advent

Funko Pop fans, this is the one you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been in search of cool advent calendars for tweens then you need to get your hands on one of these Funko sets. The perfect preteen advent calendar, they’ll get 24 unique Funko Pocket Pops to collect every day in December. Funko Pop sets also come in a Marvel theme and Star Wars.

LEGO Friends 2023 Advent Calendar

LEGO Friends get Christmassy over 24 days; this year’s set has taken on a winter festive theme to expand on the previous Heartlake City sets, with collectible characters, several pets, a train set and accessories.

Friendship Bracelet Advent

Friendship Bracelet Jewelry from Etsy

This beautifully presented advent calendar for tween girls by BeadKids is bound to bring a smile to your tween’s face this Christmas. Presented in cute little envelopes per day, which can be displayed by ribbon or kept in their box, your tween will uncover either a ready-made bracelet or charms and accessories (psst, we highly suspect we know what you might be getting off your crafty tween this Christmas!)

Advent Surprise Ball

Etsy advent surprise ball

There are no little boxes to be seen here; it’s unwrap your surprise every day! These super fun advent balls come in small (12 days) and regular (24 days). Unwrap a new little trinket each day tailored to your tween’s taste – specify when ordering what their interests are (some choices include anime, superhero, music, and video games).

Disney 12 Days of Pinmas

Any tween Disney-lover will enjoy the thrill of unwrapping a small package per day containing their favorite Disney characters and festive pins. The creator on Etsy, SnowsSuitcase can customize for boys, girls, or unisex and your favorite theme.

Embroidery Advent

Grab a mug of hot cocoa and curl up in your favorite chair; your crafty tween will love this Stitch-a-Day embroidery set, creating their own wonderful seasonal tapestry one day at a time.

Designed by Amanda Watson

Advents are a super fun way of building up the excitement towards Christmas Day, making each day in December feel special whilst allowing your tween to expand on their hobbies and interests.

Do you have a favorite advent tradition with your tween? We’d love to hear more about how you celebrate and maybe some more homemade ideas you could try on a budget. Drop those thoughts in the comments below!

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