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15 Gorgeous Christmas Dresses For Tweens

Do you want to spoil your young lady with the perfect age-appropriate dress for this year’s festive season?

These Christmas dresses for tweens will be the ideal way for them to make their entrance during the holidays. They are great for holiday parties, family gatherings, and special holiday events at school or in the community.

Each dress in this Christmas collection celebrates the holidays in a different way. With each dress having its own style, you are sure to find one that your tween will love!

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Christmas Maxi Metallic Shooting Star Dress

A twirling holiday dress that sports the shooting star look, this long maxi dress will help your tween shine bright for the holidays.

Green and Black Maxi Dress

A floral dress your tween can wear for holiday parties, this long-sleeved maxi dress is casual and has pockets.

Candy Cane Dress

If your tween wants a fun holiday dress to wear this Christmas, this candy cane twirly dress is the way to go.

It features a green holiday background with white and red candy canes and snowflakes.

Plaid Bottom Dress

This black topped dress with a plaid bottom is a long-sleeved dress that kids can wear for the holidays and during the winter.

Boho Christmas Dress

The floral top pattern and green flair bottom that this dress has will be great for when you are looking for a boho-themed holiday dress.

Christmas Plaid Dress

Take that picture-perfect plaid look with this dress no matter where you go for the holidays.

Not only will it look great for holiday photos, but the kids can wear it throughout the holidays.

Snowman Holiday Dress

Another fun and festive Christmas dress for tweens, this one sports a ¾ length sleeve and is scattered with snowmen, ornaments, gifts, and Christmas trees.

Gold Sequin Dress

Great for the holidays, this bold and festive gold sequence dress is perfect for the holidays. It features a bow that sits on the left side of the dress for extra flair.

Floral Princess Dress

Perfect for special occasions and the holidays, this princess-style dress will be great for holiday parties that are fancy and fantastic.

Long Sleeve Velvet Stress

This dress sports a black velvet top with a black and white polka dot bottom. Made from a soft knitted fabric, your tween can stay comfortable during the holiday celebrations.

Sequin V-Back Dress

Complete with a large glittery sequin ribbon on the back, this green tulle-layered dress is great for your holiday celebrations.

Scalloped Edge Belted Dress

Simple yet festive, this belted dress features scalloped edges and includes pockets.

The waistline sports a tied belt to help keep the dress tight fitting.

Lace Tulle Dress

Available in a variety of different sizes, this adorable and fashionable lace dress will be a hit during special holiday occasions and celebrations.

Kids Lace Full Length Backless Dress

Sporting a backless lace dress that’s green, this dress is great for holiday parties and gatherings where you can enjoy the warmer weather.

Long Blue Dress

A sleeveless chiffon dress that she will love wearing during the holidays, this tied bow-waisted dress is available in a variety of different colors.

We kind of like blue; best for the holidays!

The Christmas dresses in this collection are stylish and fitting, and your tween will enjoy showing off their holiday spirit. From classic holiday dresses to dresses with a little extra holiday flair, these tween Christmas dresses will surely be the perfect fit!

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