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Understanding Tween Makeup; When Is It Appropriate And Beginner Kits & Tips

Is there a right age for your tween to start wearing make-up? What make-up kit is best for tweens? Has your tween shown an interest in wearing make-up? This and many more are questions that go through our heads when we find our mascara missing from our collection.

Your tween girl is trying to cope with changing hormones, school, friends, and fitting in with the world around her. Your tween is trying to find her place in the world, and part of it is exploring her individuality.

Your tween girl may want to experiment with clothes, make-up, and hairstyle, and it is OK. You do not want social media to be her “teacher” on make-up matters. Therefore, you need to talk to her about why they need to wear make-up safely and healthily.

Take your tween on a shopping outing to pick out some safe make-up (one with very few ingredients) that they can wear. Encourage your tween to start with less as they ease their way into adding more.

What Age Should A Tween Wear Make-Up?

Figuring out the right age to wear make-up can be confusing as each child is unique! But your tween might start wanting to wear make-up in middle school or when they are 11-13. At this age, it’s natural for your kid to want to copy older adults.

However, you aren’t alone if you feel this age is too young. Some parents do not approve of make-up till their tween girls are at least 14 – or even much older. It comes down to what feels right and appropriate for your lifestyle and situation.

Your tween girl is, of course, already beautiful. Find out what makes her special. Then use make-up to enhance that natural beauty. The best part is natural make-up for tweens that handles their sensitive skin well.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Tweens Make-Up

The possibility that your tween girl has run across YouTube, Tiktok, or Instagram videos showing her the latest craze in make-up applications isn’t NEWS, right? And that might be your girl’s first make-up introduction!

You should let your tween understand that make-up does not define beauty. But with the right tools to create a natural make-up look, your tween will learn how to put on make-up beautifully.

Great make-up set for tweens should celebrate all that naturally collagen-laden skin and those bright, alert eyes. Since make-up for tweens can be a little complicated, here are some do’s and don’ts for make-up.

  • Do stick to sheer gloss. It can range from pink, coral, peach, and watermelon. Tweens love fun colors and flavors; hence when purchasing gloss for your teen, you need to keep this in mind. There are fun glosses that contain shimmer and sparkle. Tweens can use these as long as they allow the natural lip color to show. These primary see-through colors are best for tweens, but the color red adds more age, and your tween should avoid it. 
  • Don’t put on too perfect make-up, moisturizer, foundation, or concealer since it looks too plastic, especially on a tween. It’s OK from what a tween may think of  “blemishes” to show. What issue could those blemishes cause when you have a beautiful face to look at?
  • Do leave your brows alone. Filling and shaping brows for tweens can add extra years, which is entirely unnecessary. Why rush years that will come by eventually? It is best to leave the brows undone. The most a tween can do is brush the brows with a brush and leave it as is. 
  • Don’t overdo mascara. Applying a little bit of mascara is OK. But once a tween overdoes it, it adds inappropriate years on them. Besides mascara, you’ll also need to skip the eyeliner as it tends to add years to your tween. 
  • Do skip sculping with bronzer; a tween’s make-up is supposed to look unfinished. We don’t want to take away your teen’s innocent puppy-like face and eyes by replacing them with too much sculpting on the face, totally changing their look. 

What Is The Right Way For Tweens To Wear Make-up?

Most times, it’s easy for tweens and parents to fight each other over what kind of make-up is age-appropriate. It’s not OK for tweens to wear make-up that adds more years to take away their beauty.

The idea of tweens wearing make-up is a bit cringey because it makes them look like adults, which generally seems inappropriate. So, we’ll let you know what’s appropriate for tweens and what isn’t. 

  • Tweens shouldn’t wear a face full of make-up. It is possible to fight with your tween because you wouldn’t allow them to put on make-up, but it’s for the best. They can use sunscreen as their foundation and put on some clear eyebrow gel and lip gloss. When denying your tweens a full face of make-up, you need to explain to them that what they see in magazines isn’t the authentic representation of how celebrities look in person. So, they should learn to appreciate their looks even without make-up. 
  • Tweens shouldn’t share their make-up. Sharing make-up can result in infections like conjunctivitis. 
  • Avoid layering the skin. Tweens are too young to hide their face under layers of foundation. So, when introducing your tween to make-up, ensure they don’t hide their natural beauty. You can get her a moisturizer that will help hydrate the skin and even it out. Tweens tend to have a natural blush and need not hide it under layers of make-up. 

Tips to Help Them Learn Appropriateness 

When you’re introducing make-up to your tween, there are certain things you must teach them to ensure they learn what to expect and what’s out there. For example:

  • There’s a big difference between what you see in magazines and what’s real. Your tween should understand that what they see in magazines varies vastly from reality. All models and celebrities have layers of make-up on, and when taking pictures, there’s a lot involved, including good lighting and poses. Make you tweens understand the difference between reality and what’s on the media. 
  • Photography requires a lot of photoshop and retouching. By the time the real thing is out, it looks nothing like the original. Let your tween learn this and help her understand that what they see in the media isn’t real, and they should love themselves as they are. 
  • Teach your tween that beauty is about who you are on the inside and not appearances. No make-up can hide a bad personality, and your tween should know that their sweet personality should matter more than what’s on the outside. 

Watching for Skin Reactions 

According to Cleveland Clinic, when purchasing make-up kits for your tween, you’ll need to consider a couple of things. 

  • Safe products– Tweens have sensitive skin. When purchasing make-up online, check for sites that will tell how organic the make-up ingredients are. Another way to ensure they are safe for your tween is by buying products with the least ingredients. 
  • Start with less make-up– Tweens should ease slowly to wearing make-up, maybe start with one part of the face before moving to the other. Once your tween has used lip gloss for a while, you can begin introducing other make-up products. 
  • Watch for skin irritation– Sometimes, people develop sensitivity or allergic reactions to make-up products. You need to watch out for these. If your tween has hives or swelling on the skin after using make-up, you’ll need to take it off and not put it on again. You could also give them antihistamines or see a doctor for further clarification on the exact item they should stay away from to avoid irritation. 
  • Go easy on sensitive or acne-prone skin– If your tween’s skin is prone to acne, it is best to avoid over-clogging the pores, which leads to more inflammation. 
  • When using make-up, it is essential to use a skincare regimen like cleansing the face and removing make-up before retiring to bed. 

Best Make-up Sets For Tweens 

So with all this in mind, let’s take a look at some appropriate make-up sets and essential accessories for your tween girl who’d love to start on her makeup journey:

Disclosures: We are participants in the Amazon Associates Program and other affiliate programs that earn us a commission if a qualifying purchase is made.

Klee Naturals 

Klee Naturals has non-toxic make-up for kids and tweens. There are various theme options to choose from. Klee Naturals uses ingredients like beeswax, natural mineral, and shea butter. The make-up does not contain any toxic elements making it great for your tween. 

Prim and Pure 

Prim and Pure have lots of gift sets for kids and tweens. All their make-up is made from non-toxic ingredients, and they don’t do testing on animals. Their organic ingredients are USDA-certified, making them safe for use on your tween’s face. 

Petite ‘n Pretty 

If you’re introducing make-up to your tween and you’d rather start with shiny lipgloss, then this company has the perfect gloss for your tween. It is free of harsh chemicals, and they will surely enjoy the flavor and sparkle. 

Make-up Book For Tweens

With this Bobbi Brown teenage beauty book, your tween will be able to take the mystery out of all the confusing information out there. It will guide your tween and help her figure out how to feel happier and more relaxed in her make-up look.

Make-up Storage Caddy

Why not spice up your tween’s love for make-up with this rotating cosmetic make-up caddy? With this organizer made of plastic with seven layers of adjustable trays, your girl’s make-up set will be well stored.

Mirror With Lights

After buying the beauty products for tweens, you should consider getting her this vanity make-up mirror. With adjustable brightness and 180-degree free rotation, your tween has the best and most comfortable viewing angle as she does her make-up. It is a perfect birthday gift that has a dual power supply.

We hope this has helped guide you on whether now is the right time for your young lady to start her experimental journey with makeup and enhance her natural beauty for special occasions.

It’s up to you to decide as parents when is the right time for your girl, and when you feel she’s ready, to guide her and ‘the right way’ to get started along with a proper skincare regime.

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