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What To Look For When Purchasing Your Tween’s First Bra

a small pink bra for a pre-teen girl

There is something quite special about getting to the stage where you buy your pre-teens first bra.

While it may have a tinge of sadness that your baby girl is turning into a young woman and changing in so many ways, it is also a lovely moment of companionship and friendships between a mom and daughter.

However, let’s face it, it’s been a while since you bought your first bra, and things have, rightly so, moved on a little! So I wanted to share with you this guide to help you when buying your tweens first bra.

When will my daughter need a bra?

Think back to the moment you wore this grown-up accessory for the first time. Were you proud or did you flounder with embarrassment?

We all feel differently at this stage of our lives but often breast development in your tween is the first sign of puberty and purchasing a young girl bra will feel like a big deal.

So when is the right time? The truth is you will just know.

You will notice that there is a breast development within your tween, that they start to get bigger. This will be noticeable, especially when wearing a tightly fitted top.

It is also the right time if your tween asks for one, as some young girls are late developers, but they also have all of the emotions and hormones raging around and they certainly don’t be to be one of the only girls not to be wearing a tween bra.

What to look for in a first bra?

When looking for the best bras for tweens, you need to take in to account a few things to ensure that you make the right choice for your daughter. This will feel like such a big change for them, especially as their breasts start to develop. So you will want to make this as comfortable and emotionally painless as possible.

Try and remember what it was like wearing a bra for the first time, they certainly take a bit of getting used to. Here are a few things to look for when seeking out beginner bras:

  • Think about the fabric. This is something that your daughter will be wearing all day, so ensure that you choose a soft and breathable fabric.
  • Try and choose a training bra that doesn’t have formed cups. Although they can be very comfortable to wear, they can often lose their shape when they are washed.
  • Be mindful of the price. It is a little like when you have a baby and they grow out of things quickly, this could be the case for your daughter as their breasts start to increase in size. You won’t exactly know how much they will develop or how fast, but the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune only to have to replace them quickly.
  • Crop tops are a great way to introduce a bra to your daughter especially if there isn’t much there yet.

A few fitting tips that could help with your tweens first bra

Now that you know what you are looking for, it might be worth making a note of these fitting tips to ensure that you get the best first bra for your tween. Here are a couple of pointers to help you out:

  • Find a reputable fitting service. A place where you and your daughter feel comfortable and the staff are friendly. After all, this can be a little intrusive, and you will want your tween to feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Department stores like Target offer a great bar fitting service and can be conveniently located.
  • A crop top style bralette won’t need a fitting, so if you sense your daughter is feeling a little uncomfortable about this latest development then starting with one of these requires no fitting at all.
  • The straps should fit across the shoulders without digging in or falling off.
  • The new bra should gently compress the breast area but not too much where there isn’t room to grow. Breast tissue is sensitive, especially at this period of your daughter’s life, so you want to ensure there is comfort.

What to avoid when looking for girls training bras

Buying a bralette for your tween is a little more straightforward than it might be for you. There are certain things that you might want to avoid at this young age. Such as:

  • Lace. Just avoid it at this age, it’s itchy and uncomfortable and this will already feel like a big change for them already.
  • Underwire. It isn’t ideal when the breasts are developing.

What is the best type of training bra?

When looking for the right girls training bra, often you look to brands that you feel confident in. However, you also want some choice. Here are a few examples of some of the best bras and bralettes for young girls where you can buy with convenience and speed and try on at home.

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Bleuet Girl

The softest and comfiest introduction to training bras your tween girl could hope for. We simply love the seam-free design of Bleuet Girl Training bras. They come in bralette designs, soft cup and racerback design for your sporty girls who need a little extra support.

MIK-QUE Girls Seamless Training Bras Adjustable Straps Sports Bras

This is a great example of sports bras for tweens that give comfort as well as give you that feeling of being grown up because of the overall look and style.

Cropped Cami Training Bra

If you are looking for the best training bra for tweens then this is a great example. A cami style this is the perfect option to introduce your tween girl to wearing a training bra, especially if it feels a little strange to them at first.

LENDOU 5-10-pack 95%-Cotton Training Bras for Girls

A lovely example of a training bra that gives that feeling of being grown up however it comes in a few different colors and has a cute little cat detail. It is also 95% cotton making it breathable and comfortable. Essential for a go-to bralette for tweens.

Justice Convertible Girl’s Bralette

Justice Convertible Girl's Bralette 2 Pack in Marble Print, Size 32

For something with a more grown up look, try this bralette style from Justice. Coming in a twin pack with plain pink and a marble finish, the material is wonderfully soft and comfortable on your tweens skin.

The strappy back gives them a more “bra like” look with a small hook that allows her to convert them into a racerback style. Made from 91% cotton they are wireless with a very light padding.

Ready for purchasing your daughter’s first bra?

We hope that this guide will help you if you are buying your tweens first bra.

Not long after first bras, you’ll no doubt need to start thinking about periods, too. We have you covered there as well. Check out our early female puberty guides, including:

Good luck tween parents – you’ve got this!

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