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Bleuet Girl: Ultra-Soft & Sustainably-Produced Bras For Tweens

Purchasing your daughter’s first bra is no doubt full of equal parts excitement and trepidation, for both of you!

Not only is a training bra the first sign of puberty, but its also occurs at the age where a girls’ self confidence can not just grow but take several hits. We would all hope this time is exciting for our girls, but it can also fill them with mortification and embarrassment as their body’s change in unfamiliar ways.

We want their transition to more grown up underwear and apparel to be filled with confidence and comfort; cue our discovery of the incredible tween and teen bra brand, Bleuet Girl.

We are affiliates of Bleuet and earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

What is Bleuet Girl?

Bleuet Girl is a California-based small business. Parents just like you on a quest to find their young ladies underwear that they could comfortably and confidentially grow into. When they couldn’t find what they were after, they designed it themselves!

Tween girls have uniquely shaped bodies and we shouldn’t expect that any old off the shelf product will fit exactly what they need.

For some girls, their first buds will appear very young with very slight bodies; for others, they can be well into their teens. Their age may not reflect the type of bra they need so something soft and flexible is the best type of training bra for your maturing girl.

Forget sexy and inappropriately lacey underwear, scratchy labels and fiddly clips and buckles.

Bleuet Girl are honestly the softest seamless beginner bras you can get. Available in a great range of designs and reversible colors, we are confident you will find something your tween girl loves.

From the shopping experience online to the presentation of the garments arriving in discreet packaging, our experience with Bleuet Girl simply couldn’t compare to my daughter’s first embarrassed shelf grab purchase in Target.

Bleuet Girl Range

There’s now over 10 different bras and apparel items in the Bleuet Girl range, including not just bras but camisole tops, loungewear and Bleumer shorts, ideal for your sporty girls.

All their bras are ultra soft and stretchy, no bagginess but plenty of room to grow.

Sizing for Bleuet Girl – Age appropriate garments for growing bodies

Bleuet girl understands that no two tweens have the same body shape. Their sizing ranges greatly from petite youngsters who’d fit a girls size 7/8 to larger framed girls all the way up to a 22.

For more tips on purchasing your first bra, head over to our tween bra buying guide.

There are several different bras designs so as your girl is setting out on her journey, we recommend for your first order you try a few different designs to begin with until they find themselves a style they truly love.

(And as long as you keep the labels on and don’t get the garment dirty, try them all on at home first and return anything that’s not a good fit).

For every day wear we recommend your girls start with a simple bralette design meant to fit comfortably with no wires or restrictive cups, only adjustable shoulder straps:

For an even softer fit, the Aster Organic Tank comes with broader straps and no adjustments required.

As they grow and seek a more mature shape and fit, look for their range of bras for more mature bodies:

These bras are also available in AA to C cups for growing bodies. They have a handy measuring guide on their website to make sure you are picking the right size for your growing girl.

Iris Soft Cup Bleut Girl in White
Iris Soft Cup Bleuet Girl in White

For sporty active girls and dancers, look for:

Made for sporting activity, your girls will find the Racerback design has a slightly firmer fit.

Look out for bundles packs too so you can get her multiple colors with the same great fit.

The Materials in Bleuet Girl Bras

What makes them so soft and comfortable is not just the material, its the fact labels can be easily removed after purchase to make it itch-free. Ideal not just for kids that have sensory issues, I think we all enjoy that seam-free feel on our skin.

For peace of mind, there’s full disclosure on exactly the materials you are buying and how they’re sourced;

Bleum Bras & Camisoles

Made with an ultra soft mix of 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. They are lightweight and breathable with enhanced moisture-management to keep your girls cool and dry.

Bleum Neutral Bamboo Bras

Naturally cool and lightweight, this special ultra-soft material is made from 66% Bamboo, 28% cotton and 6% Spandex.

We love the great colors and soft material on the Bleuet Bamboo Bra, and that the tags can all be easily removed before wearing

Aster Tank Bras

Made with an ultra cotton 28% / TENCEL Lyocell 66% and Spandex 6% blend, these are ultra soft and breathable. The TENCEL Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified and controlled sources.

Iris Soft Cup Bras

These are constructed with an ultra-soft MODAL blend (9%, 7% Spandex). TENCEL Modal fibers are mainly manufactured from beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests and are a natural and renewable. 

We cannot get over how soft they are (and yes, due to the broad range of sizing, mamas, don’t feel this is limited to JUST the girls; these would make a perfect soft sleeping bra for mama too).

Bleuet Girl – Delivering far more than just a first bra

Every first order comes with some little extra gifts and an encouraging note too – I can tell you our Miss 12 has these permanently on her wrist now!

Investing in Girls

What we love about this women-powered brand, it’s so much more than just the bras. Their Bleuet Girls initiative looks to partner with driven girls and entrepreneurs who are out there supporting their communities.

Return & Exchange Without Problems

If you are worried about your girls only needing her training bras for a short period of time, or you’ve decided the product is not quite right for you, your returns and gently used bras are donated to girls in need at Hailey’s Haven.

Returns within the US are free.

Sustainable Production

Bleuet Girl only work with manufacturers offering fair and sustainable wages, reasonable hours and a safe working environment. They are designed in the USA and manufactured in Guatemala. Their scraps are made into scrunchies to reduce wastage.

Are they more expensive than department store bras?

A little, yes.

But we can 100% assure you from our own experience it is worth that little bit extra for a quality product that is comfortable and will last.

Shopping online for such a personal product really helped put us at ease too. No one wants mom pulling and measuring their chest in the middle of a department store. We much preferred being able to do our measurements in the comfort and privacy of our own home.

Knowing that the product has been produced sustainably and ethically, and knowing that they are giving back to the female community gives us the confidence paying for a premium online product for our tween girls.

The best training bra for your tween girl

It’s not just a first bra for your daughter but a right of passage for your daughter to receive something so special.

Not just a bra – a beautiful gift to welcome your tween girl to womanhood

Just like her first period, it need not be a traumatic experience if you are prepared; Discuss what works best for her body and how she feels comfortable in her journey to womanhood.

Buying from Bleuet Girl, you are not just supporting a small business but giving back to girls in the community too. How’s that for a perfect first bra?

We received complimentary products in exchange for our review and we are affiliates of Bleuet Girl meaning we earn a commission if a qualifying purchase is made. All opinions are our own. See our full website disclosures, privacy policy and terms of use here.

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