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Creative Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Tweens

When it comes to Christmas, there is one tradition that has taken the festive period by storm: giving and receiving a Christmas Eve box.

The great thing about Christmas Eve boxes is that they can be purchased or made to suit any age group. So if you have a teen or tween that is at the age where the magic is disappearing slightly, then it is a lovely tradition to either start or continue with.  

A Christmas Eve box is a box or basket filled with goodies to build up excitement for the big day. You can add a few small token items or lots of different things. They can be individually created for each person, or you can create one big Christmas Eve box for the whole family.

If you do the “Elf on the Shelf“, then they can deliver it on Christmas eve; or you can leave it out in the morning or the evening, depending on when you want the children or your family to discover them. This is a great surprise for them to look forward to when you’re transitioning from the Santa phase.

So what can you prepare for your tween-appropriate Christmas Eve box? We’ll share with you here ideas that have worked for us when preparing Christmas Eve boxes for tweens.  

Typical Ideas to Add to Your Christmas Eve Box: 

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Christmas Boxes (Ready to Fill) 

Personalized Christmas Eve Box 

Image credit: Ladedaliving | Etsy

This Christmas eve box is handmade from wood and is personalized to include a name. A perfect option if you are looking for something you can use each year.  

Treat Box

Image credit: Studio26PrintHouse | Etsy

This is a great option if you wanted something a little smaller or as an addition that you can fill with chocolates or sweets. Made from cardboard and personalized, it is a budget-friendly alternative.  

Small Christmas Eve Box

Snow White Small Blue Christmas Eve Box Santa Snowman Elf Penguin Festive Fun 8.3 x 12.6 x 4.3 Inches

A great little box that is perfect for small things. It isn’t personalized but can be used each year as and when needed.  

Christmas Eve Box Fillers 

Kids versus Parents Card Game

12 Games of Christmas - 12 Hilarious Holiday Games Family Party Games Pack for Kids, Teens & Adults - by Beat That! Game

You might like to add a game that the whole family can place. This festive bundle contains 12 fun, easy-to-learn, and simple-to-play party games to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Eve The Board Game

Arizona GameCo Christmas Rush Card Game - a Fun Christmas Game for Families, Kids and Adults - A Fun Gift or Stocking Stuffer – 3 to 8 Players

Another different option to add to a Christmas Eve box and perfect for older children who may want to sit down and play a board game. This is a little different and could be added to the Christmas Eve box each year.  

Giant Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Image credit: KimmisCakes | Etsy

You can’t beat a hot chocolate on Christmas Eve and this is the perfect option to consider. This is a homemade chocolate bomb and all you need to do is add warm milk. It looks really sweet and presentable when put into a Christmas Eve box.

Personalized Nutella

Image credit: JuraPrints | Etsy

A lovely little gimmick, especially if your child loves Nutella. This is a personalized jar of Nutella and is a great addition to a Christmas Eve box.

Gingerbread Decorating Kit 

Ginger Bread Decorating Kits # Pack Ginger Bread Premade Icing Assorted Candies 3 Kits Included (28.23 OZ)

If you want to add something your children can do unsupervised, this is a great option to consider. A gingerbread decorating kit can be a fun activity and a tasty treat as well.  

Christmas Pajamas 

Family Feeling Adult Women's Holiday Christmas Snowman 2022 Matching Family Pajamas Sets Long Sleeve Pjs Red Size XL

If you want to add some pajamas to the Christmas Eve box, then some matching ones can be a great way to unite the family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Socks 

I&S 6 Pairs Crew Socks, Printed Fun Colorful Festive, Crew Sock Women Colorful Fancy Design Soft (Christmas #2)

Getting comfortable on Christmas Eve is all part of the un, and some cozy socks could be a great addition to your tween’s Christmas eve box.  

Christmas Eve Box Ideas for Girls 

Christmas Eve Wish Bracelets 

Image credit: StarDesignsGB | Etsy

This is a lovely little gift to add to your tween girls’ Christmas eve box. They can wear this Christmas wish bracelet and place a wish or dream on it. A nice little keepsake.

Christmas Bath Bomb

If your tween girl loves a bath, this could be a great addition to your Christmas Eve box. There are some lovely ones, and you can pick and choose scents, colors, and designs.

You can find it here

Christmas Eve Box Ideas or Boys 

Grinch Poo Pouches 

Image credit: TippyTopGifts | Etsy

Many boys love a bit of toilet humor, and these sweets look great and are a tasty addition to the Christmas eve box for your tween boy.  

Personalized Cushion

This is a lovely option to consider and one that can be used every Christmas and added to a Christmas eve box or brought out as part of the decorations. A personalized cushion can make your tween boy feel extra special.

You can find it here

Pre-made Christmas Eve Boxes For Older Kids 

If you don’t want the hassle of making it yourself, then you could order a Christmas Eve box that is already made up and includes lots of treats. Here are some of the best options I have found.  

Little Christmas Wishes Christmas Eve Box

This includes some pampering treats such as an eye mask and bath bomb, as well as some lovely chocolate and other amazing things. A lovely Christmas Eve box for a tween girl that could make them feel very grown up.

Christmas Eve Box is All About the Cookies and Cakes

If your tween is obsessed with sweet treats, then this pre-made Christmas eve box is the ideal option. Lots of cookies and cakes and lovely treats to enjoy. This one is more food-focused than anything else.

We hope this has given you lots of ideas when thinking about Christmas Eve boxes for tweens. It’s a wonderful family tradition that you can start at any time and make it something special and unique for your family. 

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