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9 Best Smartwatch For Tweens (9 To 12-Year Old Kids) in 2024

a tween girl in sports clothing checking the smartwatch on her wrist

What are the best sorts of smartwatches for tweens ?

On the lookout for a new smartwatch for your tween but not sure what features to look for?

It comes down to far more than just price when looking at smartwatches; there are practicalities from compatibility with other devices to think about, through to battery life, smartwatch functionality and design.

Tweens don’t necessarily need something as complex and expensive as an adult smartwatch, but let’s take a deep dive here into the important features you should be looking for and which ones really value for money when it comes to the tween watch market.

Let’s see how to keep your tween on track and whether it will be worth the investment to move your tween from an ordinary watch to a smartwatch now that they’re approaching their teens and high school.

Types of Smart Watches for Tweens

To ensure that you buy the best smartwatch for your tween, you can start by understanding different types of smartwatches. This will help you know which smartwatch might be the right gadget for them. Types of smartwatches for tweens include –

a) Simple Smartwatches:

Basic smartwatches are the jack of many trades, if not all. They have a touch screen and options like pedometer, calculator, alarm clock, etc. They may not connect with smartphones via Bluetooth or the net, especially if they are for youngsters. But a cable connection may be possible.

b) Smart Sport Watches

These are advanced variants of fitness trackers – and are light and waterproof. These are advanced watches that track everything from your trajectory to your heartbeat, from activity levels to oxygen levels. They store data that can be accessed using phones and computers.

c) Traditional Bluetooth Smartwatches 

Traditional smartwatches can be connected to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. You will receive notifications for messages, calls, social media platforms, and other apps. They come with a variety of features, and they can be used along with the smartphone.

d) Smartwatches with Phone Functions

These smartwatches have all the features to work independently from a smartphone. That’s because you can add a SIM card to it, and that will allow you to make calls, reply to text messages, use social media platforms, etc., even when your phone is not with you.

e) Hybrid Smartwatches

These watches have the face of a regular watch, but they offer the connectivity and technological advancements of a smartwatch. You can still monitor your health or access your phone using this watch. But the face of this watch is not designed for interactions in all of this.  

Features to Look for in a Quality Tween Smart Watch

Tweens these days are tech-savvy – probably more so than you! As a parent, you might feel a little intimidated while buying a smart gadget for your kids, right? While browsing the market for the best smart watches for tweens, it is a good idea to start by looking for the following features:

  1. Battery Life: The primary feature of a smartwatch is how long it lasts. For your active adolescent, they could easily burn through a full overnight charge in day if they are using all of its functionality. Seek out smartwatches that can hold their charge for days.
  2. Fitness Tracking: Most smartwatches have some form of a fitness tracker, starting with a basic pedometer to monitoring and recording your heartbeat, sleep pattern or pre-programmed exercises. if your tween predominantly wants a smartwatch for sports and fitness, consider whether a smartwatch is the right option or a fitness tracker.
  3. Smart Features: You’ll get various smart features, like daily utility applications, along with call and app notifications, but does a tween’s watch really need to be THAT smart; work out what smart features matter most.
  4. Phone Features: Some advanced smartphones for tweens come with the options to answer calls, respond to messages, and more, giving the user freedom from phone use; alternatively you may prefer a smartwatch for your tween that doesn’t require a smartphone alongside it to work.
  5. Sizing: Tweens will invariably have much smaller wrists than your teens and adults so check that the smartwatch will not be too large and loose on their wrist.
  6. Replaceable Straps: Not just for fashion, we all know how hard-going kids can be on their kit, and a watch is no exception even with great care taken the straps can wear. Brands that come with a replaceable strap option can be advantageous.

Our Favorite Smartwatches for Tweens

Disclosures: We are participants in the Amazon Associates Program and other affiliate programs that earn us a commission if a qualifying purchase is made.

Now you know of the various types of smartwatches for tweens and the features to look for. It’s time to check out the reviews of our favorite smartwatches for tweens currently available on the market.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch is one of the best smart watches for tweens who want to take the technologically advanced route to good health. The first name that crosses our mind while thinking of fitness trackers is that of Fitbit. It’s designed to track heartbeats all the time, from swimming to sleeping.

We love it because

  • It offers incredible battery life, working 24/7 for 6 days.
  • It’s equipped with Alexa for quick access to all kinds of information.
  • It’s available in a wide range of stunning colors for boys and girls.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for workouts, with easy access to playlists.
  • Tracks your heartrate – all day and all night.
  • Allows you to control apps, messages, and calls on the phone.
  • Water resistant to 50m

Possible Cons:

  • Quick reply and voice reply options only for Android 
  • On the pricier side for a tween

SAMSUNG Galaxy Active 2 Watch

If there’s one thing you cannot go wrong with when it comes to your pre-teen, it’s a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The Active 2 watch comes with advanced options for monitoring health and fitness. It’s designed to match with all kinds of outfits. It’s the best smartwatch for tweens who like to wear sophisticated accessories with an “adult” touch.

We love it because:

  • It has a sleek and light design that looks good all the time.
  • Comes in a 40mm model suitable for smaller wrists.
  • It comes with a variety of faces and bands for a new look every day.
  • It can go on for more than a day without charging.

Key Features:

  • Samsung’s OS that makes it widely compatible
  • LTE connectivity to give you freedom from your phone
  • Advanced features to monitor health   

Possible Cons:

  • Gaps during sleep monitoring reported by some users
  • Cost compared to other brands

Blackview Smart Watch 

A wonderfully simple and affordable option for those looking for a greater starter smartwatch for their tween. All the functionality you’d expect in an adults smartwatch

We love it because:

  • 4 different stylish display modes.
  • Great battery life.
  • It will not burn a hole in the pockets.

Key Features:

  • Built in fitness tracker with 9 exercise modes
  • IP68 Waterproof rating – water resistant to 50m
  • 2.5 hours of charging will last 10 days of use or 30-45 days on standby
  • Supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 and above

Possible Cons:

  • Some users have reported the plastic wrist band cracking over time.

L.O.L. Surprise! Touch-Screen Smartwatch

If your little girl has just stepped into her pre-teen years, she will love the blast of pink and animation in the Touch-Screen Smartwatch by L.O.L. Surprise! It’s ideal as the first smartwatch for tweens learning the nuances of a smart fitness tracker. It offers fun and useful features, too.

We love it because:

  • It has the perfect color and animation for a younger girl.
  • It lasts all day and night after charging once.
  • It offers the perfect combination of entertaining and practical features.

Key Features:

  • Selfie-camera, voice and video recording – with easy download and sharing.
  • Comes with useful options like calculator, stopwatch, and alarm clock.
  • Touchscreen smartwatch with pedometer

Possible Cons:

  • No option for phone connectivity or advanced fitness tracking.
  • Your tween could outgrow the novelty theme quite quickly.

Marvel SPD4588AZ Spider-Man Touchscreen Smart Watch

Has your little boy just turning into a tween? Is he still in love with all the fun, action, and vibrancy of the superhero world? It’s time to gift him the Marvel Spider-Man Smart Watch. This attractive smartwatch is the perfect watch for a growing pre-teen who’s still too young for an expensive and advanced smart device.   

We love it because:

  • Its Spider-Man design in a vibrant color is perfect for young tweenage boys.
  • It can continue functioning round the clock for a day without charging.
  • It is loaded with entertaining and practical features.

Key Features:

  • Touchscreen phone with alarm clock, timer, and calculator for everyday usage
  • Pedometer to get your young boy started on the journey of fitness tracking
  • Easy to access games, share photos, and use in-built selfie-camera

Possible Cons:

  • Basic fitness tracking with no option to connect with phones

AGPTEK IP68 Smartwatch

The AGPTEK IP68 Smartwatch allows your tween kid to access apps, music, messages, etc., remotely, even without a phone nearby. It’s a brilliant combination of style and functionality, without much of a pocket pinch. It’s a sturdy health-tracking smartwatch – perfect for a tween on a fitness journey and looking to add some style. 

We love it because:

  • It’s available in three stunning colors with five dials, with 30 more in-app dials.
  • It is light, sturdy, and scratch-proof – perfect for all occasions.
  • It lasts for 7-10 days after two hours of charging – with an incredible 30 days of standby time.

Key Features:

  • Easy to access apps using this smartwatch for tweens without a phone.
  • High accuracy in heartbeat sensing, thanks to the HR sensor.
  • Easy to view health reports on the Fitcloudpro app.
  • IP68 Waterproof.

Possible Cons:

  • Calling and replying options not available. 

Amazqi Smartwatch Phone

Planning to buy your pre-teen their first ever smartwatch? It’s best to choose a pocket-friendly and user-friendly option, like the Amazqi Smartwatch Phone. It is easy to sync this watch with smartphones and allows access to phone apps and functions, including answering and making calls, responding to messages.

We love it because:

  • It’s a standalone watch that offers access to phone apps, social media, etc.
  • You can choose from four stunning colors for both boys and girls.
  • It can be the perfect fitness buddy, with easy song access and storage. 

Key Features:

  • SIM card mode available for calls, messages, apps, and connectivity if required.
  • 0.3 MP camera and shutter mode to access phone camera.
  • Ideal fitness tracker with pedometer and sleep monitor.
  • Average standby time is 24 to 48 hours.

Possible Cons:

  • Functionalities available only partially when synced with iPhone (fully compatible with Android devices) 

Donerton Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker

A smartwatch and fitness tracker with a sleek and stylish look, the Donerton Smart Watch is ideal for tweens who love accessories that look mature. The watch will track your kid’s activities and help them monitor their progress. Your pre-teen kid will enjoy using it as they can easily check incoming calls and social media on the watch while looking sleek and stylish.

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B09ST99ZRZ” new-window=”true” apilink=”″ img-size=”500,500″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Android Phones, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker with IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Step Counter, Blue” alignment=”aligncenter”][/amalinkspro]
[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B09STMM8F5″ new-window=”true” apilink=”″ img-size=”500,500″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Donerton Smart Watch, 1.69” Fitness Tracker for Android Phones, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker with Pedometer Smartwatch with Step Counter for Women Men” alignment=”aligncenter”][/amalinkspro]
[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B08T75R5C5″ new-window=”true” apilink=”″ img-size=”500,500″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”Donerton Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker for Android Phones, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker with IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Step Counter,Gray” alignment=”aligncenter”][/amalinkspro]

We love it because:

  • Its battery can endure 7 days of regular activities and 30 hours of standby time.
  • It allows quick access to social media, call, and text notifications.
  • It comes in four striking colors – and offers four stunning clock faces.

Key Features:

  • Supports 8 sports modes to record all-day activities.
  • Large touchscreen for easy use of everyday tools.
  • Easy control over phone camera by shaking the wrist.
  • IP67 Waterproof

Possible cons:

  • Over-sensitivity of step counter and sleep monitor reported by some users.
  • The larger 1.4″ sized screen may make it two big for a smaller tweens wrist.

Efolen Smart Watch for Women 


One of the most stylish smartwatches for a tween girl at a really reasonable price. This slim design smartwatch still delivers on fitness features while giving your tween girl a look she can be proud of. The watch comes with several different color straps and designs.

We love it because:

  • Unique and elegant design that doesn’t scream sports watch.
  • Includes 8 fitness modes and physiological tracking for young ladies.
  • Customizable face watches to suit your tweens personality.

Key Features:

  • 1.09″ wide screen, great for smaller wrists.
  • Compatible with advanced Android and iOS phones.
  • Incoming call notifications, sedentary and drink water reminders.
  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • 2 hours of charge lasts 5 to 7 days and 15 days on standby.

Possible Cons:

  • Some users complain the small screen makes text messages hard to read.

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