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30+ Thoughtful Gifts For 12-Year-Old Boys

Tween parent - Tween with robotic toy

Spotting a 12-year-old boy from a crowd is easy peasy, or is it not? They are most likely wearing a hoodie, with the hood on, irrespective of the weather! They will try to keep conversation with mamas in the open on the down-low, too, and try to stay calm and composed as possible-which they always fail miserably at – and to be honest, it is always funny.

At 12, your boy or one you know is a bit tricky to handle, and gifting them is getting tough. You have to constantly maneuver through their maturity, tastes, and interests to ensure your gifting them something appropriate – be it toys, games or more practical items.

Let’s find the most gracious gifts that will appeal to and be appreciated by your hard-to-please 12-year-old boy.

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Best gifts for a 12-year-old-boy

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Kan Jam Ultimate Disc Game

While frisbees were the most incredible gift two years back, your tween boy needs a more mature take to his outdoor fav game. The kan jam is a great tween gift idea that he can play solo or with friends.

Your tween boy plays by throwing and deflecting the disk to get it in the can. It is lightweight and easy to assemble, meaning your tween can carry his groove to the beach.

NFL Football Helmet

Riddell unisex adult Revolution Riddell NFL Kansas City Chiefs Speed Mini Helmet, Team Color, One Size US

Is your tween boy a football fan? Then these pocket-size NFL football helmets for all the 16 teams in the NFC conference will be an incredible present for your almost teenage boy. He can use the 32-set NFL replica team helmet to track each team’s standings and playoffs, thanks to the two backing boards that it comes with.

Beginners Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is the perfect present for a boy who is a newbie to musical instruments. With this beginner guitar, your tween will learn to make his music with his passion.

It is a sturdy piece that will not break even when dropped and includes: a shoulder strap for guitar, a carry case with a shoulder strap, spare strings, and guitar picks.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Essentials Bundle including Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition - Wifi, Without Ads, Amazon Leather Cover, and Wireless charging dock

A Kindle is an excellent way to get your tween boy reading and in a fun way. And with the waterproof kindle paper, they can carry their reading to the beach or bathroom. What’s more, your tween can opt to listen to the story instead of reading it. How cool! It is a fantastic birthday gift for a 12-year-old.

Gamesir Wireless Game Controller

This excellent handy lightweight controller is a superb boy gift idea for your gamer. It is a wireless game controller that supports Android phones and tablets, Windows XP/7/8/10, Apple arcade, macOS, MFi games, and switch games. It has a semi-transparent cover and a stunning colorful LED backlight. It is also portable.

Harry Potter Special Edition Boxed Set

Whether your tween boy is a fan of Harry Potter or not, this iconic collectible new boxed set is sure to keep them glued to the pages season in and out. This keepsake box set will be a perfect present for a 12-year-old boy.

Bose Soundlink Speaker

This Bose Soundlink speaker is a good steal for your tween boy as they explore the variety of music genres there are. It has a speaker that connects to any Bluetooth device with a built-in device for speakerphone and an 8-hour playtime. It will be a perfect 12-year-old boy’s birthday present as they can carry it wherever.

KLUTZ Lego Make Your Own Movie Activity Kit

Is your tween a fan of stop motion video? This enclosed guide will enhance your tween’s creative thinking as it walks him to bring these Lego figures to life in stop-motion animation.

It will allow your tween to make short amusing clips of 10 mini-movies in as little as an hour, thanks to its free app available for tablets and phones. It includes an 80-page book that will help your boy learn more about lighting, camera angle, and sound effects.

Lightning Reaction Reloaded

This shocking game will surely bring an electrifying good time for your tween boy, his squad, and his family. It is a game that requires you to have your opponent’s quickest draw and best timing or get the electric shock. It is an unusual gift for a 12-year-old for them to add some zap to their next party.

Adidas Sackpack

Your tween boy is not one to carry bags for his essentials when out; he’d rather leave the items behind!

So whether he is running to practice or a friend’s house, this handy drawstring sackpack is just the right size to ensure he carries his essentials. It is a thoughtful gift for boys aged 12 – though there are still no guarantees they’ll remember everything!

Laser Tag Sets

This laser tag set without any extra protective clothing or clear-up afterward will be a great deal for your 12-year-old boy. This 12-year-old boy gift is a gift for his whole squad that they will have a blast playing.

It includes a vest with four gun types, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and a missile, with each reducing your life value when it hits. It features natural vibrations with a striking distance of approximately 130 feet. The only downside, it requires 28 AA batteries which you should purchase separately.

LED Strip Lights

Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights (2 Rolls of 50ft) Bluetooth Smart App Music Sync RGB Color Changing Led Light Strip with Remote and Power Adapter,Led Lights for Bedroom Room Home Decor Party Festival

Anything LED is sure to pique your tween’s interest, and these strip lights are no exemption. These strip lights boast a strong adhesive and thus stick well. With a downloadable app, plus a remote control, these lights can sync with your phone to change the beat of the music and ambient sound, which is a fantastic feature.

Hover 1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Hover-1 Chrome Electric Hoverboard | 6MPH Top Speed, 6 Mile Range, 4.5HR Full-Charge, Built-In Bluetooth Speaker, Rider Modes: Beginner to Expert, Gun Metal

This Electric Scooter is an over-the-top hoverboard. It is a nine mph, 9-mile range, carries a weight of 264 pounds, and has a charging time of 2.4 hours for a full charge and protection against overcharge or discharge.

It is water-resistant with built-in speakers, a customized LED headlight, and a battery indicator. How pimped can a hoverboard be? It ticks all the checkboxes and stands to be one of the best 12-year-old boy gift ideas.

Mountain Bike

Schwinn High Timber Youth/Adult Mountain Bike, Steel Frame, 27.5-Inch Wheels, 21-Speed, Black

It is probably not the first bike you are getting your tween, but an upgrade is inevitable if this boy looks like he is heading for the sky (they look like there is a power that pulls them upwards overnight).

The KZ2600 will be the best for your pre-teen boy who wants to fit in with his buddies. It is lightweight with incredible braking abilities. It is a perfect gift for a nearly-teenage boy.

Microsoft Xbox One X

This gaming console will be a sure-fire hit for your tween and his friends when they come over. Games play better on this console which has 40% more power in comparison to the others.

With this Xbox One X console as a gift for a 12-year-old boy, he will experience immersive true 4K gaming. It will also allow him to stream 4K videos on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, among others, and listen to music with Spotify – the perfect addition to a cool tween bedroom.

You can find all the best video games for your tween over here.

Electronic Drum Sets

Your tween probably desires to have this drum set as it is on every boy’s top list of musical instruments they dream of having.

This portable and professional drum set has an earphone jack that will allow your tween to play anytime, even in the middle of the night! It includes one snare, three toms, one crash, one ride, one HI-HAT, and two-foot pedals.

 Brain Quest Grade 7

The questions and answers in this brain quest game are curriculum-based and fast-paced. It makes the things your tween is supposed to learn in the 7th grade entertaining and engaging as it is a smart way of learning.

It is an ideal gift idea for 12-year-old boys as it racks their brains, and I’m sure will fill you all with incredible facts – whether you like it or not!

LED Caps

This LED cap is the latest hyped wear and will be a superb present for 12-year-old boys. With this in his closet, he can express himself best as it has led lights that can be customized with the graffiti function.

It has a three-step connection of how to connect the device with the cap. And has a battery life of up to 10 hours when fully charged.

DIY Building Robot Kit

29 in-1 STEM Solar Robot Toy for Kids DIY Educational STEM Science Kits for Kids Age 8-12 Solar Powered Toy Building Sets,Gifts for Boys and Girls 11-14 (205 Pieces)

This educational STEM kit would be a perfect Christmas gift for a 12-year-old boy. It exercises your kid’s ability of spatial perception and structure of imagination by classifying and assembling as well as enhancing your kid’s brain development, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Once built, it is a remote-controlled toy that he can play in combat against other robot creations. It uses an app to connect and charges using a USB connection.

162 Deluxe Mega Wood Box Art

This Deluxe Mega set is sure to be a hit for your budding artist. It is an all-exclusive deluxe drawing kit for the beginner. It is an ideal gift for 12-year-old boys as it will give them an outlet to focus and explore all the benefits of creating beautiful art pieces.

It includes 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 60 wax crayons, and more to ensure your Picasso has come to birth.

Star Wars Folded Flyers Activity Kit

Whoever said paper planes are damn should meet these star wars folded flyers that fly with force. These Star Wars-themed toys will speed through the living room as well as they do in outer space.

There are 40 sheets of custom-designed paper, plus tape and six display stands. It also includes an easy-to-follow instructional book. It is an excellent game for a 12-year-old.

PlayStation Virtual Reality

Got a tween boy really into the latest tech? If your tween already has a PlayStation 4, then this virtual reality would be a great gift as an add-on.

This VR set plugs into their current system to help them experience gaming in a whole new way. It has 3D audio technology that allows your tween to distinguish sounds around him.

4M Table Top Robot

This robotic kit gives kids a real hands-on opportunity to build their moving robots. The creepy crawlies will fascinate your boy as he watches it scuttle around, do acrobatics, and change direction when an obstacle gets in its way. It introduces STEM, mechanical, and robotic engineering concepts through an entertaining and accessible science kit.

While it includes components, accessories, and easy-to-follow instructions, you must purchase a screwdriver and 1 AA battery separately.

Retro Mini Game Console

Super Retro Game Console Classic Mini HDMI System with Built in 821 Old School Video Games, Preloaded Entertainment Gaming System, Plug and Play

Do you remember the Super Mario days? This retro mini-game console takes us back there. This handheld game console provides 520 built-in classic games, including 2D sports, racing, shooting, fighting, and other games. It is perfect for traveling with, and a full charge can run for 5 hours.

Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

Are you searching for a perfect gift for your star wars fun boy? This Bluetooth speaker will be an ideal one. This stereo speaker allows you to connect most devices and listen to your fav music, podcast, and much more. It is super cool as it also lights up when in use.

USB Charger Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack,TSA Large Travel Backpack for Women Men, 17 Inch Business Flight Approved Carry On Backpack with USB Charger Port and Luggage Sleeve, MATEIN Durable College School Bookbag,Grey

This is no ordinary backpack. This one is on another level as it comes with a built-in charging station offering your tween a way to charge his phone while on the go.

It has lots of storage space and compartments as he can even carry his laptop comfortably. It also features a waterproof fabric.

Sphero Mini App-Enabled Robot Ball

Sphero Mini (Green) App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball - STEM Educational Toy for Kids Ages 8 & Up - Drive, Game & Code with Sphero Play & Edu App, 1.57", Green

This fun robot is sure to introduce your kid to the world of coding. Your tween can control it with a slingshot, facial recognition, or a joystick through the Sphero mini-app. There are three ways your boy can learn how to code: block, code, and Javascript.

This robot, the size of a ping-pong, includes three traffic cones and six bowling pins. It is a perfect gift for your tween for playing on the go or with limited space.

 Cool Hoodie

Have you noticed that your tween and hoodies are the best of friends? If not, now you know. Add this warm piece with pockets to his hooded closet to ensure his little hands are also warm, a practical gift you can’t go wrong with for a 12-year-old boy.

 Monopoly Fortnite Edition Board Game

Your Fortnite fan will be over the moon with this game gift. Players claim locations, battle their opponents and avoid the storm to survive. The last player standing wins. The only twist is that players aim to earn health coin chips instead of money in this game. It comes with 27 Fortnite outfits.

Gaming Headset

Why not complete the gaming set? With this headset, your tween will be the gamer to beat. And it supports PlayStation 4, new Xbox, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, and more.

You can find our complete selection of ideal gamer gifts for your 12-year-old over here.

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