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Coolest Night Lights For Tweens – Helping Your 9 To 12-Year-Old Sleep

A tween girl falling asleep holding a light ball

Your tween might be ready to take on the world during the day, but when it comes to getting to sleep at night, we know a fair few tweens who are still battling between that desire for privacy and closed doors, and that little comfort that comes from the hallway light.

Nightlights aren’t just for small children, tweens and teens can find them useful too. Plus, when it comes to decorating your room as a tween, having a cool nightlight that lights up the room can be a great addition to bedroom décor and give a really fun effect.

These days, you can get just about any kind of cute, crazy, and creative nightlight you can think. The 3D nightlights are one of the most popular nightlights today. Mostly because they offer such fun designs, and they are 3D making them look really cool.

These fun nightlights for tweens are a selection of fun and creative lights we think they’ll love.

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Best Nightlights for Tweens

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Butterfly Light with Timer

Touch and remote control operated, this cute butterfly design will go perfect your tween daughter’s room. It doesn’t change colors like most, but we still think it’s a keeper!

Rainbow Table Light

Great for any room, this nightlight can sit on the table and be turned on when needed. The light features all the colors of the rainbow and is battery-operated.

Among Us Light

For tweens who love the game Among Us, they will get a kick out of this Among Us-themed nightlight that they can set on their bedside table.

Neon Sign Wall Nightlight

A unique night light that goes on the wall, your tween will have fun customizing this light to reflect their style. They also have the option to connect the light to their phone through Bluetooth so that the lights go with music.

Shark Nightlight

There is just something about sharks that we love. They’re intriguing and mystical. This novelty night light is a pretty interesting image of a shark that’s diving deep into the water and something tweens who love the creatures will enjoy.

Aiscool Nightlight Bluetooth Speaker

This nightlight doubles as a Bluetooth speaker and has 7 different LED colors. Your tween can place it on the bedside table and enjoy some relaxing music as they fall asleep to one of the many colored glows.

Sky Lite Projector

Imagine sleeping in a sky full of drifting green stars around the nebula cloud. That’s what this nightlight projector aims for. They will be able to cycle through the different light effects, adjust the brightness, and start or stop the rotation motion.

3D Basketball Nightlight

For sports fans, there is nothing cooler than having the glow of a basketball light up their room throughout the night. The illusion effect is pretty cool, and we think it is something your basketball-loving tween will like.

5 in 1 Nightlight

Decked out with everything your tween will need, this isn’t just a normal nightlight. The lamp can be used as an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, clock, and more. It also has a pretty cool light effect that we think they will love.

Puzzle Night Light

What a fun design! This nightlight takes the shape of a Tetris puzzle, and the piece interlocks, allowing them to arrange and rearrange the lamp.

Moon Lamp

Whether your tween enjoys studying the stars or wants a super cool galaxy lamp, this moon lamp is perfect for use as a tween nightlight. The remote that comes with it will allow them to change the colors whenever they want.

Clamshell Nightlight

Set up on the bedside table, and you have a decent, cool nightlight for your tween. The glowing clamshell will be a fun addition to any room, and you can get it in various colors to match their style or décor.

Minecraft Glowstone Light

Minecraft fans and players will love everything about this night light! Resembling the look of the glowstone from the game, this nightlight will be a fun addition to your Minecraft-loving tweens room.

Speaker Nightlight

A nightlight, alarm, speaker, and clock all wrapped into one! When lit up, they can easily change the colors and set the dimness for the night light.

Saturn Lamp

Shaped like Saturn, this nightlight is fun and bright. It’s great for children who have an interest in space or the galaxy but doesn’t have anything fancy to it.

Pokémon Crystal Ball Nightlight

With a magical 3D effect, this nightlight will be the perfect addition to any Pokémon fan’s room. Inside the crystal ball is a Pokémon character, and you can choose from a few different characters for your tween.

3D Butterfly Nightlight

Fun for a girl’s room, this 3D butterfly nightlight is remote-controlled so that she can change the colors. There are 16 different colors to choose from, and the butterfly has some fantastic detail to it.

Star Projection Nightlight

This nightlight is also a white noise maker so that the kids can easily fall asleep. It also had Bluetooth, so it can be hooked up to music. A remote is included so that they can control different settings.

3D Jellyfish Nightlight

Shaped and made to look like a jellyfish, this acrylic LED night light is powered by USB and is a smart touch lamp. Not only will this look super cool in their room, but they will have 7 different light colors to choose from.

Color Changing Mushroom Light 

Skip the babyish hall lights; these cool mushrooms are the perfect way to light up the path to the bathroom or staircase in the dark for your tween.

Mr. Go Dimmable Nightlight

A popular nightlight for both kids and teens, this square Mr. Go nightlight will look great in your tween’s room. It is shaped like a cube, has different dimming levels, and 4 fun lighting effects that are controlled by a remote.

Floating Globe with Colored LED Lights

This is one seriously cool LED light for your tween’s bedroom. Watch the world rotate 360 degrees with an electromagnetic sensor giving the appearance of floating in mid-air.

The C-shaped frame contains 9 LED bead lamps, so it looks equally impressive in the dark as it does during the day. Available with blue, gold, or black globes.

Your tween may not want to willingly admit they’re still a little scared of the dark, but there will be nothing to cover up with a sensational and modern night light giving them a gentle glow to get to sleep.

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