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Best Period Apps for Tween Girls

A period tracking app held in a ladies hand

Your tween girl has shown all the signs of puberty, and you know that very soon, the inevitable will happen any day now.

Tween girls usually start their menstrual cycle between 9 to12 years old, but there’s no way to predict exactly when they will be ready.

Therefore you should talk to your tween before the big day suddenly arrives unannounced. You want to arm your tween to the truth to ensure “her days” are comfortable and effortless as they can be. Well, save for the mild cramps, moodiness, and headaches that might be associated.

Along with the facts and sanitary items she needs (we talk more about first period kits over here), she will want a method for tracking when her periods occur.

Thankfully, many apps with information dispel myths about reproductive health. Gone are the days of being shameful and uncomfortable. With the evolution taking place, your tween will be all ready to conquer this important step into womanhood.

So, which is the best period app for your tween girl? Most popular period tracking apps are filled with information that your tween is probably not ready to be exposed to yet. Remember, most of this period tracking apps are designed for adults and fertility.

But there are period apps available on both iOS and Android suitable for tween girls to track their menstrual cycles. You can also teach your tween how to keep up with their periods through an app as their lives are managed on their cellphones!

Benefits of a Tween Period Tracker App

When your tween girl gets her first period, she might be confused about her exact cycle dates. Which can trigger stress or make her feel uneasy. But with the best period tracker for pre-teen girls, she will be on the safe side and learn to understand her body more. Other benefits of using the period tracker for tweens are:

It will help your tween girl find her normal

Period trackers for girls  help them learn about their normal body reactions. The tracker allows your tween to time her menstrual cycle to the exact hour. It will also help your tween know how long their menstrual cycle will last. With an easy period tracker app up your tweens sleeve, she can plan for upcoming activities.

Allows your tween girl to learn her cycle pattern

The best app for tracking periods will help your tween determine whether they have a normal or an abnormal cycle. Cycles range between 21-40 days.

It increases your tween’s awareness of their overall health and wellness.

 Your tween’s menstrual cycle is a direct indicator of their overall health; periods tell that your body is working as it should. Your tween having an extremely unpredictable or heavy period can indicate an underlying condition. Using a simple period tracker app will help your tween keep a record for easy comparison.

It helps your tween understand and manage their mood

Throughout her menstrual cycle, your tween hormonal changes have been suggested to cause changes in moods like anxiety, irritability, or feeling more affectionate.

Features of The Best Period Tracker For Tween Girls

You will want a period tracker app for your tween girl that :

  1. Tracks menstrual cycle dates and regularities
  2. Verifies menstrual experiences and sensations
  3. Changes in tracking
  4. Safe
  5. Preparing for upcoming periods
  6. Getting to know menstrual cycles and bodies
  7. Accurate
  8. Informing health care professionals
  9. Affordable
  10. Tracking health

5 Best Free Period Tracking Apps For Your Tween

Here are five best apps for tracking periods that will help her plug some basic info during her menstrual cycle.


Clue is aesthetically pleasing and is considered one of the best period trackers for tweens because of its impressive features. Clue is a period and ovulation tracker for iPhone and android that is FULL of tracking options like bleeding, temperature, sleep, emotions, weight, energy cravings, digestions, and more.

This app provides your tween with accurate predictions depending on their cycle history and provides education about your tween’s body. It’s the best period app for iPhone.


  • Allows your tween to predict their vaginal discharge and ovulation
  • It is user friendly
  • Allows your tween to track her menstrual cycle
  • It is written in a matter of fact way
  • It tracks its data and has a clear overview


  • You have to pay to upgrade and access all the features

Magicgirl Teen Period Tracker

Magicgirl is one of the first period tracker apps specifically made to cater to tweens and teens. It is a helpful app that can keep an archive of your tween’s past periods. It can also give your tween suggestions on her future cycles.

It is a functional and fun app with animations and journals. The journal allows your tween to chat and share experiences with a community of users.


  • It offers informative videos for your tween
  • It allows your tween to predict future periods
  • It helps your tween learn which hygiene products are right for them.
  • It allows your tween to chat with other users
  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It protects your tween’s privacy with a passcode


  • Magicgirl app can share your tween’s sensitive personal data with third parties

My Calendar

My calendar is a great period app for tracking periods that is super easy to use and simple, and can work while offline. It is also super streamlined, discreet, and relatively safe. It also has an option to toggle off the intercourse log, fertility info, and pill tracker.


  • Your tween can set a passcode for this app
  • It has a toggle-off feature for information that is inappropriate for your tween
  • It is an easy period tracker app for your tween that shows a calendar and can work offline
  • It can export cycles, symptoms, and moods history to a document


  • Your tween has to go premium to remove ads
  • There is no user-generated content in this app
  • The app doesn’t adjust to irregular cycles easily

Easy Period Lite Tracker

The easy period lite tracker is as essential as the name suggests making it simple and easy to use. It only tracks your daughter’s periods and that’s it. Many users regard this application as the best period tracker for tweens as it allows them to add notes and check their moods.


  • It has no chat or community function, which can be unsafe for your tween
  • It is an affordable option
  • There is nothing related to pregnancy or fertility in the app


  • It is not available on Google Play
  • Its privacy feature is not as safe compared to other apps.


Eve is another popular period tracker app. It is interesting to use an app that’s a combination of 90’s pink, a color representing a girl-power vibe. It features a community forum that your tween can join and discuss their topic of interest, and it allows your tween to customize their cycle length to their preference.


  • The app allows your tween to check past menstrual cycles
  • The app loads super fast
  • This app allows your tween to identify patterns and trends unique to their body


  • There’s content available on the app that may be deemed inappropriate to tweens, around sexual activity and community forums.
  • Google rates the app with Parental Guidance where as Apple suggests only appropriate from 17+

You may want to download a few and see which one she likes best.

More to help your tween girl prepare for her period

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Have you found a period tracker that your tween loves? Let us know in the comments below.

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