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Passport to Fun: Awesome Travel Gifts for Tweens

a flat lay of travel items for a tween traveler

While the tween years can be an awesome time to go traveling with your kids – no more car seats and strollers to worry about – and they get better (sometimes) at listening to instructions – it can still have its challenges.

How do you stop the boredom setting in on long road trips? How do you keep them safe? And how do you start instilling in them responsibility for carrying all their own gear?

These travel gifts for tweens will make their adventures and travels fun, easier, and better in every way.

So whether you’re perhaps looking for an ultimate end-of-year graduation gift for your tween to start their summer adventure or a Christmas gift they’ll cherish, read on as we’ve gathered up a handy list of all the best tween travel accessories and essential items they’ll need.

16 Best Travel Gifts for Tweens

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Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage

A hardshell luggage case is the best travel accessory you can invest in for your tween. They are ideal for taking on airplanes and any journey where they will be away for multiple days. We love this suitcase because the hard shell can protect the contents from the elements and has wheels making it easy to transport.

Makeup Bag

You can’t go wrong with getting a tween girl a trendy nylon makeup bag for when she travels. She can easily pack her makeup and hygiene necessities to keep with her while traveling. She can keep the bag on her or place it in the suitcase.

Selfie Stick Tripod

Tweens will love the selfie stick tripod! It will allow them to share moments of their adventure, through video and pictures, in an easier way. The selfie stick is adjustable and can be placed stationary, or they can hold the stick out while walking (just remind them of the dangers of doing this!!)

Handheld Mini Fan

Not only is this a folding fan, it also is a flashlight and backup power bank that tweens will find useful when traveling. The small fan can keep them cool whilst visiting warm places and the flashlight and backup power bank will always be handy.

Cute Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a must when you are traveling with bags and suitcases. Choosing some fun-themed travel tags can make the perfect travel gift for tweens.

Travel Journal

Let your tween write down their experiences, their favorite moments, and share with everyone the memories they make while traveling. A simple travel journal can provide a lifetime of memories.

Choco Mocha Girls Crossbody Purse

Crossbody purses are perfect for traveling, and they are easy to take care of. For tween girls, this crossbody bag can hold everything they need to take with them and can often be a better travel solution than taking a full-sized backpack.

Neck Pillow for Traveling

Traveling on planes or long journeys by car can get uncomfortable. Having something to support your neck will help make your traveling and adventure even more fun.

Travel Jewelry Case

This travel jewelry case is a trendy personalized gift that your tween can travel with. She can keep all of her favorite jewelry inside of it packed away in her suitcase or bag.

Travel Board Game Set

Traveling can be boring, especially for tweens, yet we don’t want them spending their entire time with their eyes focused on their phones.

The solution? Having some small handheld travel games, they can pull out when needed can be a great way to keep them entertained.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are a must these days for anyone who enjoys watching a good movie or listening to music during their travels. With these small and compact earbuds, your tween can enjoy their favorite entertainment quietly.

Apple iPad

Tablets and iPads come in so handy when traveling, no matter your age. Tweens can listen to their music, watch videos, browse the internet, play games, and so much more if they have their own device.

Digital Camera

This vlogging camera is designed with many interesting functions, including anti-shake, Selfie mode, continuous shooting, loop recording, slow-motion recording, flash, and more! It absolutely can be a great first camera for beginners

Packing Cubes

OK, maybe not the most exciting gift for a tween, but these make fabulous stocking stuffers! These packing cubes compress more garments into one bag so your tween can minimize their luggage size without ditching that extra pair of shoes. This six-set includes five small, medium, and large cubes and a bonus shoe bag for organizing your footwear.

Flat Plug Power Strip

Again, it may not be the most exciting gift, but an immensely practical travel gift a tween may not think of for themselves. For those instances where your tween may find that he or she needs to recharge things, this 6-way portable outlet will make it easier to do so. It fits in suitcases and bags with no problem and has an extension cord.

Travel Blanket and Pillow

Not only does the travel blanket keep you warm when needed, the Microplush carrying case can also act as the perfect place to rest your head. This is a great travel gift for tweens and something they can take with them and use wherever they go.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here to gift something special to a tween who loves traveling.

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