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Best Star Wars Gifts for Tweens

star wars lego mini figure darth vader and storm troopers

Have a tween that loves Star Wars? When it comes to finding Star Wars gifts, you certainly have a lot to choose from. Star Wars has never been more popular, most of the world has seen at least one of the movies, and through the generations, fans are still going strong as they tailor the movies and shows to younger audiences.

No matter what your tween likes, the hobbies they have, or what they are into, you can find something that will be fitting to make the perfect gift.

This list of Star Wars gifts for tweens contains everything from items that they can add to their rooms to clothing they can wear and games they can play.

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Best Star Wars gifts for Tweens

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R2-D2 Lava Lamp

Relaxing and fun to watch, this R2-D2 lava lamp will look great in their room. The lamp casts a soft glow that will light up their room and the design is one of a kind.

Outer Rim Board Game

An advanced strategy game that older tweens will enjoy playing, this game can average anywhere from 3-4 hours and can be quite the challenge. This is a game they can play with up to 4 players and will have them working their way through a challenge.

STAR WARS Holiday Knit Beanie Hat Black

STAR WARS Holiday Knit Beanie Hat Black

Stylish and warm, your tween Star Wars fan will love sporting this fun winter hat. The hat features a soft knit with a Stormtrooper design on the front.

How To Not Get Eaten by Ewoks

Give the gift of survival with this novelty book. Your tween will get a kick out of this and will be able to learn a few things, just in case the Ewoks decide to take over!

Lightsaber Floor Lamp

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber LED Light | Star Wars Decor | 23 Inches

What better gift to give than a fun lightsaber-shaped floor lamp for their room? They will love how it looks and it’ll be a fun gift they can brag about to their friends and other Star Wars fans. They can even use it as a nightlight.

Star Wars Periodic Table Shirt

A fun shirt for those tweens who love both Star Wars and science, this shirt boasts a Star Wars design and has the periodic table on it.

Star Wars Mug

While your tween may not be drinking coffee, this would still make for a pretty cool hot chocolate mug. You can even add some hot chocolate packets to the mug to make a fun gift for any occasion.

Star Wars Themed Socks

Your tween will love showing off his love for Star Wars as he keeps his feet warm! The socks are multi-crew, and this pack includes a set of 3 different styles of socks that are soft and warm.

Darth Vader PopSocket

They can add some special Star Wars flair to their phone with this Darth Vader PopSocket. PopSockets work for all phones and will help them hold their phone without dropping it. They are also a fun way to customize your phone. The perfect stocking stuffer for a tween Star Wars fan.

Death Star Floating Speaker

There’s nothing cooler than the Death Star except for this fun floating Bluetooth speaker! It also doubles as a smartphone charger and includes some cool sound effects.

Ultimate Millennium Falcon LEGO Set

LEGOs aren’t just for young children. Tweens and older children can get into the fun with the more advanced LEGO sets. This set has well over 7,000 pieces and, once completed, will give them a LEGO replica of the Millennium Falcon.

Mandalorian Hat

Star Wars Baseball Cap The Mandalorian Helmet Official Black Snapback Size One Size

Adjustable and comfortable, this Mandalorian-style baseball cap will make a great gift for tweens who enjoy wearing hats and Star Wars.

Baby Yoda “The Child” Onesie

Onesie pajamas have become extremely popular and Star Wars fans, or Baby Yoda fans, will love sporting this cute pajama set. Your tween can enjoy being warm as he or she cuddles up to watch a movie.

3D Star Wars Night Light

3D Star Wars Night Light for Kids - 3 Patterns and 16 Color Change Decor Lamp - Warm White Light for Sleep - Star Wars Toys for Kids - Birthday & Christmas Gifts for Boys Girls and Star Wars Fans

This 3D lamp will be the talk of the room. Your tween can set it on their desk or table so they can see while they do their work or want to light up the room. The lamp is LED and is controlled by touch.

Star Wars Chess Game

With Star Wars characters for the pieces, this chess game will have the Rebels vs the Imperials fighting against each other.

Stormtrooper Smartwatch Band

Star Wars - Stormtrooper Smartwatch Band – Officially Licensed, Compatible with Every Size & Series of Apple Watch (watch not included)

Made for the Apple Watch, this smartwatch band will have them sporting a fun Stormtrooper design. The band fits every size and series of the Apple Watch, so you don’t have to worry about making sure you get the right fit.

Darth Vader Controller & Device Holder

When your tween is taking a break from their favorite game, they can store their controller on this Darth Vader holder to keep it safe. The holder also allows them to hold their phone, all models of cell phones and looks pretty cool if we say so ourselves.

Sherpa Throw

Just picture your tween curled up on the couch watching their favorite Star Wars movie with this throw blanket. It’s great for movie night and it’s super soft.

Zak Design Star Wars Water Bottle

No spill, which is always a plus, your tween will be able to use this bottle for both cold and warm drinks. They can take it school, sports games, or keep it with them while they are out and about.

Chewbacca Slippers

Star Wars fans will love sporting these plush Chewbacca slippers. They are lightweight, comfortable, and fun for tweens as they lounge around the house.

Dueling Light Saber

You’re never too old to have your very own lightsaber! One of the coolest concepts from the movie is the lightsaber so having one to collect or to mess around with is fun. This one changes colors, has sound effects, and has a built-in charger.

Laptop Stickers

Tweens love to get creative when it comes to decorating their laptops and if that is something your tween loves to do, this Star Wars laptop sticker pack will make a great gift for any occasion. These also work for skateboards and other items they may want to decorate.

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