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12 Best Scooters For Tweens In 2024 – Ideal For 9 To 12-Year-Olds

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Got a tween that loves their scooter, but they’re outgrowing their little 3-wheeler?

As your tween grows, so to does their balancing skills and their need for speed, doing fancy tricks and riding long distances on their scooters over simple family strolls to the park.

But what sort of scooter do you upgrade to for a tween who wants to stay on trend but still have a super practical set of wheels? We’ve gone through about as many scooters as we have baby strollers back in the day to find the best wheels for our growing kids!

Scooters, both electric and push, have become a popular way for children to get to school when they live close. They are also fun to ride, making them great for hanging out with friends or while outside enjoying the weather and getting some playtime in.

We’re sharing with you here the best scooters for tweens that will allow them to easily travel to wherever they need to go or allow them to have fun while enjoying the outdoors.

12 Best Scooters for Tweens – Suitable for 9 to 12-year-olds

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Fusion X-3 Pro Scooter

Lightweight and durable, the FUZION Pro X-3 scooter has an aluminum deck, steel V-bars, and a noise-free brake; we believe this is the best scooter for tweens who want to learn some tricks.

With several pro features, it’s designed for entry-level riders, so if you’re tween is new to pro or trick scooters, this one would be a good one to go with, especially if they’re keen to try some moves in the skate park.

Razor Flashback Kick Scooter

A BMX-style scooter that’s perfect for your tween. This Razor scooter has 12” mag wheels and dual hand-operated brakes, making it easy to control and ride with a wide deck for riding comfort.

This is the best tween scooter for all-terrain riding.

Albott Kick Scooters

Your classic tween scooter, the Albott kick scooter is foldable and portable with a free carry strap thrown in, making it easy for your tween to take it with them wherever they go.

The deck is made with an anti-slip texture so your tween can ride in comfort safely, and we love that the handlebar is also adjustable, from 31.5″ to 39.4″, making this a great investment that will see your preteen scooter last through to the teens.

Wiggle Scooter with Light-Up Wheels

Your tween seeking a little bit of outdoor fun and some extra challenge?

A self-propelled scooter with a revolutionary design, the Yvolution Neon Fliker DLX is moved by shifting your weight from side to side. The wheels light up for fun and to help keep your tween safe at night.

Although it looks bulky, it can fold down when not in use.

Crazy Skates Foldable Kick Scooter

With a steel rear brake and handbrake, this TYO scooter is foldable and easy to travel with. The scooter also features a kickstand under the deck and sturdy T-bars, which are adjustable; it makes for a great scooter for a 10-year-old.

Anti-Shock Suspension Scooter

Great for ages 8 and up, this anti-shock suspension scooter SKIDEE can hold up to 220 pounds.

It folds so that it’s easily portable and comfortable to ride on. The adjustable handlebar has 4 settings from 31.5” to 41″ to fit your growing tween into the teenage years.

We love the large wheels for cruising and the eye-catching color range for SKIDEE products, making them a great unisex scooter choice for tweens.

Geelife Foldable Scooter

Made with high-quality wheels that help absorb shock, the Geelife scooter with adjustable height handlebars has become a popular scooter for tweens and teens.

The modern safety features will help protect your tween, and you can easily store it away because of its ability to fold. It’s super lightweight and comes with a handy carry strap.

Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter

The Mongoose Expo is a truly unique style of scooter, perfect for kids who need to handle rough surfaces.

The front and rear brakes make it easy for your tween to stop on the go. The 12-inch inflatable wheels allow them to manage just about any terrain, and it has a wide deck so they can easily balance while riding.

Best Electric Scooters for Tweens

On to some electric scooters now that may take your tween’s interest. These scooters are ideal for preteens with a longer commute or with hills to tackle too (with a word of caution to make sure they understand the difference between electric and push power scooters and are trained in safe use; i.e. wear a helmet!)

 Razor Power Core E90

This entry-level Razor electric scooter for tweens provides up to 80 minutes of ride time between charges.

The scooter can get up to 10 miles per hour and is a rear-wheel drive for better balance and control.

At around $100 more than a regular scooter, it will put a larger dent in your budget than a push scooter but is excellent for a tween with longer distances to ride.

Street Art-Inspired Electric Scooter

VIRO Rides has developed a trendy electric scooter for tweens that also features a new street art-inspired look.

The scooter can go up to 10 mph and has a thumb throttle on the handlebar to help control the speed when needed.

You can expect to get about 40 minutes of ride time out of this quite reasonably priced electric scooter for tweens.

SmooSat Pro Electric Scooter

The ability to adjust the speed and height makes this one of the best electric scooters for tweens. It also includes some fun under glow lights below the base and is foldable.

It has a range of 5 miles and can reach speeds up to 10 mph with 60 minutes of battery life.

It is a little more pricey than the previous two options but is robust and lightweight. Designed explicitly for tweens rather than teens, this electric scooter should last them until they reach about 5’3″ / 132 lbs (60kg).

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

A full-size deck frame helps your older tween stay in control and ride in comfort, while the all-steel frame and fork make for a sturdy ride.

The scooter can go up to a whopping 12 miles per hour, giving your tween some extra fun and a quick way to get around.

It is a little heavier and pricier than the Core E90, but for your tween heading into their teens and looking for many years of use to come, it’s the ideal choice of electric scooter perfect for commuting.

Tween Scooter Safety

Don’t forget important safety gear for your tween, too.

Whilst it’s uncommon for scooter-riders to be required to wear a helmet by law for street riding, if they will be hitting a skateboard park, for example, it’s essential; and don’t forget safety gear such as knee and elbow pads and wrist guards. You’ll find a dual-certified skateboard helmet a better choice than a bike helmet for this purpose.

Found what you’re looking for in your tweens next scooter?

Tweens can be a picky bunch when it comes to essential gear like their scooter that they’re likely using as their main form of transport. It’s important you consult with your tween about what features matter to them most.

Whilst color and aesthetic will no doubt play into things, what is more important is ensuring it will meet their needs; do they want to do awesome tricks at the skate park, take it off-road, or are they seeking a comfortable ride to and from school?

Lightweight scooters with small wheels are ideal for tricks, but larger wheels or even upgrading your tween to an electric scooter will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride across different terrains.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found the ideal scooter for your tweens.

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