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21 Best Crafting Kits For Tweens

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Are you shopping for a creative Christmas gift or something to keep your tween off the screen during summertime?

Crafting kits make a great gift for tweens (broadly your 9 to 12-year-olds) as they not only keep hands and minds busy, but leave your child with a lasting memento of their work.

Rather than scrambling around for obscure materials, these craft kits provide your tween with everything they need to complete a project. With instructions included, your tween is guided through learning their new craft step-by-step, opening up a whole new set of skills and hobbies.

Our guide has compiled crafting kits that are a little challenging but a whole lot of fun to keep your tween entertained and indulge their love of arts and crafts even more!

Best Crafting Gifts for Tweens

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Urban Kangaroo Essential Oil Bath Bomb DIY Kit

This beautifully packaged DIY kit will allow your tween to experience the magic of making their very own bath bombs from scratch and use them in the tub for a luxuriously relaxing experience.

The kit includes 52 pieces for your tween to make 15+ luxurious, essential oil Himalayan sea salt bath bombs. It has pre-portioned ingredients, packaging materials as well as an easy-to-follow instructional video.

It is a perfect gift for your tween girl who loves a little science in her projects.

Unicorn Dream Catcher DIY

Etsy Unicorn Dream Catcher Crafting Kit

This beautiful unicorn-themed dream catcher will be an incredible gift for your tween girl. With your tween hanging it as a bedroom décor will ensure it keeps bad dreams away, ensuring only the good dreams pass through the colorful feather décor.

This kit includes all the materials your tween needs to make a super dreamy and lovely dream catcher. Finished product will be 7.9″ x 28″ approx.

Image by SmithStock

Green Creativity Pressed Flower Art Kit

This kit will challenge your tween’s imagination as they save their favorite flowers and leaves and turn them into beautiful artwork.

Including a 4” flower press that is just the right size to create a natural embellishment. Your tween needs to press their picks until they are dry and use the included glue, brush, double-sided tape, and paper to add them to their projects.

It is a great gift that will allow your nature-loving tween to use the skills over several projects, including cards, bookmarks, trinket boxes, and more.

Macrame Rainbow Kit

Etsy Macrame Rainbow Kit

This handcrafted rainbow is a perfect sight to behold for a tween’s bedroom. This complete kit from BeanDaikon includes all the materials your crafty girl needs to complete a wall-hanging masterpiece by themselves.

All your tween will need are scissors, needles, and thread to attach the rainbow arches. It is an incredible gift for your crafty tween girl.

Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets

Create your own bead pets is a lovable craft kit that your tween will use to personalize and decorate their very own beaded creations, which they can share with their family and friends.

With over 600 pony beads and easy-to-follow instructions, your girl can turn the bead pets into keychains, jewelry, lanyard clips, and more.

Needlepoint Starter Sewing Set for Backpack Charms

Start your tween’s journey with needlepoint through these cute little bag charms. A set of 5 patterns on pre-printed fabric, your set includes two needles, cotton thread, 5 x 2.75″ hoops, and five keyrings to finish off her creations. Ideal for hanging off school backpacks or gifting to friends.

Felt Succulent Kit

Uncommon Goods Felt Succulents

This art kit for tweens is a great pick for plant lovers who are dexterous and adept at detailed work. This cool kit will allow your tween to do their artistic crafting in 3D and includes everything she needs to make 18 beautiful succulent plants.

It also comes with detailed instructions to steer your tween through each step of the process to ensure the result is a stunning, faux succulent frame that does not require a green thumb.

Klutz Sew Mini Treats Craft Kit

Whether your tween is a beginner sewer or experienced, this is a fun kit as they will have more than 18 food plushies to stitch and stuff.

It is a great summer craft for tweens to make super cute sweet treats with an easy-to-follow instructional book and everything they need to make this small-scale fun project of mouth-watering kawaii-looking snacks.

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit for Girls 

This friendship bracelet set is the perfect present for your tween girl as it will encourage creativity and self-expression.

Your kit includes a portable bracelet-making tool, 12 bracelet threads, 12 extensible braiding rings, 12 bobbin button closures, 12 fashion pattern stickers, an instructional design guide and a unicorn storage bag.

DIY Custom Sign Kit

Etsy DIY Custom Sign

A DIY custom sign kit is a wonderful gift for your tween girl as it is fun to paint (as it has a smooth surface) and can be personalized.

Your tween gets to choose one word or name that she would like to feature on the kit. With easy-to-follow instructions, your girl can have a custom sign to display on their bedroom wall or door.

Craft-tastic DIY String Art – Unicorn Series

We’re sure your tween will agree that string art is so fun! This Craft-tastic Unicorn String Art Kit that has been cut, sand, and pre-nailed is an exceptional way to stimulate creativity in your tween.

It is an all-in-one kit with designs that look complex but are easy to complete with clear, detailed directions. It has everything your tween needs for two fun art projects complete with push pins to replace hammers and nails.

Pinwheel Crafts Pendant Jewelry Kit

Your tween daughter will love this jewelry-making kit that comes with all the supplies needed to make their pendant necklaces.

With over 200 designs and four unique shapes (heart, oval, square, and circle) your girl can creatively make eight original necklaces for themselves or gift to their friends.

Make It Real – Unicorn And Mermaid Blanket Set

This Make It Real set is the perfect DIY project for older kids to learn how to knit and sew. It comes with everything your tween needs to make and cozy up in two magical blankets.

Your girl will have fun making these unique pieces as they reflect their style, explore their creativity, and help with the development of fine motor, visual and tactile-sensory skills. It is a great gift idea for your tween to cuddle up in too!

Make Your Own Candle Kit

Make your own candle kit is a fun DIY project for your tween that they will not outgrow anytime soon. It is a perfect birthday gift for your tween girl, but it will also appeal to your tween boy as well.

It is inclusive of everything your tween needs to exercise his imagination and creativity, creating something unique.

Quick Knit Loom

The quick-knit loom is an open-ended craft activity that your tween girl will love. It has a loom that will enable your girl to create rainbow accessories easily.

Your tween will be able to make their pom pom hat as it includes everything they need -two rainbow pom pom to attach to their hat-with an easy-to-follow instruction and how-to video. The result will leave them feeling like pros as they can wear their creative project to keep warm and their cup cozy to match.

Craft-tastic Inspire Poster Kit

This meaningful papercraft will be a perfect gift for your tween as they have inspirational quotes that speak to your tween’s heart, strength, empowerment, personal journey, and smart side.

They will love this easy-to-make poster that they have to arrange the quotes in any way they wish inside or outside 22 little boxes as they get to learn more about themselves. This kit includes everything needed to create a one-of-a-kind inspirational poster.

Make A Wind Chime Kit

The Make A Wind Chime kit will be an incredible gift for your outdoor-loving tween. It is a great kit that combines the science of wind power with arts and crafts materials that can create and personalize a pair of beautiful wind chimes from two-tiered terra cotta pots.

It is easy to assemble design and fun to paint, creating soft musical sounds when hung. It has everything your tween needs to show off their results.

Make A Fox Friend Craft Kit

Every tween will be excited at the thought of making their fox stuffie with clothes and accessories to mix and match.

It is an on-trend gift that will stimulate your tween’s imaginations while teaching crafting skills. It is an easy-to-sew stuffie with directions to follow that includes all the craft supplies your tween girl will need to create a fun fox toy and a matching wardrobe.

Build A Bird Bungalow

This Toysmith Beetle and Bee Build A Bird Bungalow kit will be an amazing gift for your tween boy or girl. It will help your tween quickly and easily build and paint their own 6” tall birdhouse to entice birds to their backyard.

The wood pieces are pre-cut for easy assembly, and once your tween is through, they can hang it to the perfect tree of their choice. It includes everything your tween needs to show off their masterpiece as they create a safe haven for the birdies.

Manga Drawing Kit

Prismacolor 1774800 Premier Colored Pencils, Manga Colors, 23-Count

The manga drawing kit is an exceptional gift for both the tween boy and girl in your life who love manga and are artistic.

This kit will teach them how to draw manga characters and backgrounds while creating scenarios and developing manga layouts. It comes with a manga sketch pad for your little artist and everything your tween will need to complete the drawings.

Easy to Do Crotchet Kits

If you are an avid yarn enthusiast and want to pass down your passion for crotchet to your kids, this 4M Crochet Kit will be the right gift.

A beginner kid set comes with everything your tween will need to make a few starter projects. It is one of the best craft kits that your tween can keep using even after the yarn is done since the hook will still work on other kinds of yarn.

Never underestimate the magnificent gift of inspired craft kits, art kits, hobby kits, and science kits for tweens.

Our widely sourced gift guide will ensure you give them a kit that will provide them with lasting educational value and a fulfilling and inspiring learning experience as they enhance their skill levels.

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