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Middle School Supplies List – Everything Your Tween Needs For Back to School

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With back-to-school season here, do you have everything you need from your middle school supplies list?

Middle school is that awkward school age where kids want items that are both cute and trendy but not too young. You also don’t want to go for high school trends because they may be a little more out of range for their liking. It can be hard to find a mix that your middle schooler will love.

No matter what style your child like, we have gathered items that should be on the best middle school supplies list so that you can easily shop for the things they need.

Simple Back to School Backpack

A backpack is a must for school. It carries everything they need to get them to and from school as well as their classes.

This school backpack is more for boys or girls who want a backpack that’s stylish but more sporty.

Student Planner

A student planner will help them stay organized throughout the year. They’re great for keeping track of assignments and schedules.

Even if they have an electronic schedule, good old-fashioned paper planners never go out of style.

No. 2 Pencils

No matter what age, no. 2 pencils are an item on every school list.

Grab them in bulk, and you’ll be sure they never run out of pencils.


Middle school students are crammed with information, and highlighters are a great way for students to highlight and remember the important stuff. Make sure you have a selection of colors.

Pencil Case

TI Calculator

In middle school, students will start to learn more advanced math, and with that comes the need for a standard scientific calculator.

Mechanical Pencils

For some reason, mechanical pencils become the coolest thing in the world in middle school, so you have to have a few stylish and colorful pencils on hand. Don’t forget lead refills for their pencil case.

Index Cards

These will come in handy for taking notes and studying. Many middle school supply lists have at least one pack of index cards on them.

Girls Backpack

We featured a heavy-duty backpack that could fit every student, but we also wanted to feature one that was a little more geared towards girls.

Feminine but practical, this is the ideal size for a middle schooler.

Single Notebooks

Notes, notes, and more notes. Each class your middle school child will be taking will likely have them taking notes.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes can help you remember important things that need to be done; they can use sticky notes for that reason.

They use them in their lockers, on notebooks, or to remind themselves about something in their room.

Gel Pens

We know they’re supposed to be focused on school work during the year, but colorful gel pens are just so much fun.

They can use them to take notes, doodle, or draw. Just make sure they’ve got some practical blue and black pens for any work that needs to be submitted!

Heavy Duty Scissors

Scissors are often on top of the school supply list. In middle school, they’ve moved up from the kid-friendly scissors to the more adult scissors.

Now, it’s time for some heavy-duty scissors they can use throughout the year that can actually cut through tougher card and paper for all their crafty project needs.


A binder for every class will help your middle school student keep all of their school work in one place.

Locker Accessories

One of the best things about being in middle school is getting your own locker. Locker accessories can help them organize and decorate their locker for the school year.


Middle school students will use rulers multiple times throughout the year from math to art. Why not make them stylish?

USB Flash Drive

USB drives allow your students to work on their projects no matter where they go. They can easily transport their work from home to school.


Colorful and fun pocket folders will help your child stay organized. They can place the folders in their binders or carry them as is.


We may be over the worst of COVID, but good hygiene habits should be instilled by now. A handy sanitizer with a clip-on dispenser should be an essential part of your tweens’ kit wherever they go.

We hope this supplies list prepares your middle schooler for the year ahead.

Don’t forget to check on their school supplies at regular intervals throughout the year – they may not be responsible enough still actually to tell you when they’ve run out of essentials!!

And a reminder your tween girls may also need a discreet period supply kit that can fit neatly in their backpacks.

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