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Best Swimsuits For Tweens – Ideal For Girls Aged 9 to 12-Year-Olds

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The best swimsuits for tweens are comfortable, provide protection, and are also stylish.

While we start to see a variety of different swimsuits make their appearance in the summer, finding one appropriate for your tween girl can be tricky.

The most challenging thing you will face when shopping for a swimsuit for your tween is that many of the swimsuits available are not very modest. It seems like each year new styles cover less and less.

Something else that makes it challenging is that your tween is getting older and independent. She’s starting to make her own clothing choices and may want something a little more revealing.

Luckily, we’ve gathered some of the best modest swimsuits for teens. They feature protection and coverage from the sun, while remaining stylish.

Here are out favorite picks for summer 2024:

15 Best Swimsuits for Tween Girls

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Jasmine Beach Sport Swimsuit

Made with a pull-on closure, this sporty swimsuit provides UPF 50+ protection for your tween and is lined on both the front and the back.

Hurley One Piece

A floral one-piece suit that has thin straps for comfort, this Hurley swimsuit also provides your tween protection as she enjoys some outdoor fun.

Graphic Tankini Swim Set

justice graphic tankini swim set

The top of this tankini set has a V-neckline and a bold graphic top with spaghetti straps. The straps on the back are crisscrossed, making them comfortable.

Reversible Cut-Out One-Piece

Pattern Reversible Cuty Out one Piece Swimsuit from Justice

Your tween can choose which style to go with anytime. This swimsuit features a pattern on one side and a single color on the opposite side.

It’s also made from recycled materials and stretchy material for comfort.

Rash Guard Swimsuit

Designed for all water sports, and swimming, this one-piece rash guard will help protect your tween as it blocks more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Under Armour Girl’s Racer

Lightweight and stretchy, the racerback design of this one-piece makes it more comfortable for your tween to enjoy the sport of swimming.

Floral Ruffle Suit

This swimsuit for tweens features a floral design and has a ruffled band across the top that spans to one strap.

The other strap is a spaghetti strap design that may need to be adjusted to fit your tween.

Pattern Ruffle Tankini

Pattern Ruffle Tankini Swim Set from Shop Justice

The top of this tween swimsuit features frilly ruffles and a colorful pattern for summer.

It’s tankini style with self-tie spaghetti straps so it’ll be comfortable as your tween swims and enjoys water sports. 

Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Featuring a long sleeve top design, this bathing suit is a two-piece long sleeve shirt and short set that protects from the sun as your tween enjoys the water.

SOLY HUX Girl’s 3 Piece Swimsuits 

Looking for a pre-teen bikini that’s not too revealing? This 3-piece bikini set can be just the answer.

Available in several fun and feminine patterns, the beach skirt is the perfect way to retain a little modesty while still carrying off the cute bikini look.

Graphic Racerback

Graphic Racerback one piece swimsuit from Shop Justice

A scoop neckline and multicolor racerback straps that are two-wide, along with the colorful graphic front make this tween swimsuit a fun choice.

Mermaid Design One Piece

Made from a quick-dry material, this sparkly and fun mermaid scale-designed swimsuit has an adjustable strap so your tween can be comfortable both in and out of the water.

Short Sleeve Swim Set

Durable and stretchy, this two-piece suit features a short sleeve top and shorts so your tween can play in the water comfortably and be protected from harmful sun rays while enjoying her time in the water.

Tie-Back Rash Guard Swimsuit

Floral tie pack one piece rashguard swim suit from shop justice

This long sleeve rash guard suit features a color block design around the arms and the sides and has an open back tie with a bow to add some fun to the suit.

Billabong Day Dreamer

Featuring a fun throwback design, this daydreamer swimsuit is made from recycled polyester and is fully lined.

It also features a keyhole detail on the front of the suit and spaghetti straps.

We hope you’ve found something in this selection that will give your young girl the sun protection and modesty she deserves while still allowing her some fun in the sun this summer.

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