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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Tweens in 2023

tween boys dressed in scary Halloween costumes

Finding Halloween costume ideas for tweens that are appropriate and costumes that fit well can be hard. Most costumes are either made for adults making them too big or are made for young children making them too small.

Tweens are also at that age where they are getting out of the age of trick or treating being fun. They may still go with their younger siblings but it’s more about going to Halloween parties and gatherings with their friends.

No matter what reason your tween is dressing up, these Halloween costume ideas for tweens will be a fun way for them to celebrate the spooky season.

16 Halloween Costume Ideas For Creative Tweens

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Banana Costume

A fun Halloween costume for your tween to wear, this banana costume is bright and fun. It’s perfect for parties or when going out for a night of trick or treating for a fun-loving tween who likes to goof about.

Mysterious Mummy

A pullover tank top with a mesh base layer, this Mysterious Mummy costume has torn strips on the top and pants to make it look like bandages. An ideal tween Halloween costume if you want to stick with creepy and scary but advance beyond a few wraps of toilet roll!

Sassy Devil

Even the Devil can be stylish! This fun Halloween costume for tween girls is bright, colorful, and cute. but unlike so many adult devil costumes, still modest and fun.

Kool Aid Man

A throwback to one of the most beloved characters, this Kool-Aid Man Halloween costume has a pull-on closure so it’s easy to get on.

Rubie – Five Nights at Freddy’s

If your tween is into the Five Nights at Freddy’s game, this Rubie Halloween costume will be the perfect outfit for the Halloween festivities.

Assassin’s Creed – Ezio

For video game-loving tweens who enjoy the Assassin’s Creed series, this Ezio Halloween costume will make the perfect outfit.

Sinister Jester

Ready to give them a little spooky scare? This sinister jester Halloween costume is a fun and spooky Halloween outfit for tweens.

Jumpsuit Costume

A take on the costume from a popular tv series that many saw on Netflix, this jumpsuit Halloween costume is perfect for sharing a spooky Halloween night.

1920s Flapper Dress

Looking for a stylish period costume this Halloween? Winding the clock back, your tween can take it back to the 1920s with this fun 1920s Flapper Dress Halloween costume. The outfit comes with a dress, headband, and a feather to complete the look.

Groot Costume

Long sleeve and padded, your tween can show off their love for their favorite Marvel character while staying warm on Halloween night.

Boxing Costume

Show off those skills with this fun tween/teen boxing costume. The outfit comes with a patriotic robe, shorts, and a belt.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

We’ve all seen the funny videos on social media of the inflatable dinosaurs running around doing crazy things. Now, your tween can dress up and have fun in this inflatable dino costume.

Alien Costume

Who said aliens can’t be stylish? Tweens who want to be a stylish alien will love wearing this Halloween costume.

Hocus Pocus Costume

Dress up as Winifred from the classic Hocus Pocus movie! The perfect size for tweens, this dress will be comfortable and light for Halloween.

Superhero Halloween Costume

Superhero fans will love heading out for a night of trick or treating with this costume. Your tweens will be on trend with this Ms Marvel costume – or boys can’t go wrong with a classic Captain America.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands was a classic movie that seems to come to life each year during Halloween. This costume is perfect for tween girls and includes everything they need to recreate the Edward Scissorhands look.

More Halloween Inspiration For Tweens

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