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Tween Terminology: A-Z Glossary For Tween Parents

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Trying to decipher what exactly you’re tweens are saying? Popular brands? YouTubers you’ve never heard of? TikTok trends?

Use our handy A to Z guide of Tween Terminology to get to grips with a whole new parenting lingo!

We’re adding to this list as we go, and for the latest trends that are emerging in the ’20s, so bear with us as we get to the bottom of the magical and often confusing world of tween talk!

AF – as f^ck – usually added to the end of a sentence

Bae – “before anyone else” babe, or baby – an endearing term for a romantic partner of close friend

Basic – boring or unoriginal, someone whose conformist or common

Bruh – same as Bro

Cap/Cappin – fake or lying

Clap Back – a comeback delivered with attitude

Crashy – describe someone considered crazy and trashy

Cray – crazy

Dope – cool or awesome (not the drug..)

Extra – unnecessarily dramatic

Fam – group of close friends

Fire – hot trendy or amazing

Flex/Flexing – to show off

FOMO – fear of missing out

Ghost – when someone suddenly cuts off all communication

GOAT – greatest of all time

GTG – got to go

Gucci – something good or cool

Hangry – combination of hungry and angry

IKR – I know , right?

I’m dead – laughing so hard your dying or laughter

IRL – In real life

It’s Lit – cool/ awesome

Jelly – Jealous

Lit – something that’s amazing, cool, or exciting

LMAO – Laughing my arse off

No Cap – totally true, no lie, for real

Noob/Newb – Newbie, person who is new at something or doesn’t know what they’re doing

NP – No problem

On Fleek – someone who is fashionable, on point

OMG – oh my gosh/god

Periot/Periodt – ending a sentence with emphasis

Phubbing – ignoring someone by paying attention to your phone instead

Pick me girl – a girl who goes out of her way to impress boys by claiming/acting she’s not like other girls

Ragequit – so angry at a game they immediately switch off

Salty – being bitter, someone who is upset mad or agitated

Savage – another way of saying cool, but clearly cooler

Sic – something that’s cool

Shook – to be shaken up by something

Simp – a guy being too attentive or submissive to a girl

Slay – when someone has done something particualrly well

Snatched – looking fabulous or fashionable (similar to on fleek)

Squad – close group of friends

Swole – someone who is physically fit, muscular or works out

Sup – short for What’s Up

Sus – someone who is shady or suspicious, not to be trusted,

Tea – gossip or hot story

TBH – to be honest

Thirsty – someone who is eager or desperate for approval/attention

Throw shade – give someone a dirty look

Tight – when two people are in a close relationship

Tool – a person who is stupid, obnoxious or an ass

Woke – someone who is up with the latest news and social issues

YAAS/Yaaasss/Yeet – an empathic Yes

YOLO – you only live once

9 or CD9 – a parent is watching/listening

We hope you’ve found this guide to tween terminology helpful. Got any others you can think of? Drop them in the comments below, and we’ll get them added!

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