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Best Tween Websites for health information

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Your tween will no doubt start developing a growing curiosity towards their body and, especially for girls, start their journey through puberty in the tween years.

It can be a challenging and confusing time for any child. So where do you find the best sources of information to direct your tween to (other than some pretty far out there and erroneous info they pick up on TikTok?)

Best Tween Health Websites

Whilst nothing can replace on-to-one honest conversation with your tween, we know there are plenty of topics that tweens might find difficult to approach. Here’s where we can help direct them for some independent answers:

Health for Kids and Health for Tweens and

Both run by the NHS in the UK, these are excellent and reliable sources of health information for your tweens, set out in plain language with accurate and reliable information.

The major focus on both sites at present is naturally Coronavirus, dealing with germs- in a fun and cute way on the kids site, and in more of a news site manner for the teens. The teens site also quite prominently tackles the subjects of anxiety, puberty, alcohol, tobacco and sexual health in a matter of fact way.

Kids can also find fun games on the Health for Kids site, even exercise videos.

Kids Health and

Run by non-profit the Nemours Foundation it’s certainly packed full of useful information thought the design is somewhat uninspiring and unlikely to engage tweens for long, it does have a load of useful information.

One function we do love about this site is that it has a Spanish translate button and there is a listen function so those less confident in reading English can listen in.

Young Men’s Health

Ideal for your older male tweens, this highly targeted website is run by the Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. It goes deep on male teen issues covering general health, sexual health along with diet and nutrition and emotional well being.

There’s a great back catalogue of articles covering any male health issue and concerns you can think of, plus an opportunity for boys to ask questions anonymously – use the search function as there’s a lot in their, your tweens question has no doubt been asked before!

There is a specific parents section to help you as parents too with some super detailed guides for tackling difficult topics with your tween and teen boys.

Centre for Young Women’s Health

The sister site to Young Men’s Health, this is an excellent and reliable resource for your tween and teen girls. Covering general health, sexual health, gynecology, nutrition and emotional health, its a treasurer trove of information for your older tween girls hitting puberty, in English and Spanish.

There’s also a chat function where you can ask all those embarrassing questions. A more grown up site, but easy to navigate and sure to help your tween through those difficult questions in a no-nonsense manner.

Parents will find a great range of health guides here too to help their tween and teen girls navigate the journey into womanhood.

Final thoughts on tween health websites

The important part of letting your tween research their own health concerns and questions online is being there as part of the process. Don’t simply accept that they’ll lean everything they need online and be done with it.

Direct them to these websites as part of building their own understanding of themselves and teh world around them, but be part of the process. Gentle probing on what they have learned, the opportunity to ask any follow up questions for topics they didn’t quite understand – it’s not a term test paper just being there as a sounding board.

We hope you’ve found this tween resource useful, let us know if you’ve found any other handy resources in the comments.

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