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Explaining Periods To Your Tween Son

A monther talking to her tween son

Talking to your tween boy about periods is a key part of parenting. At first, it may feel awkward, but having open conversations will help them understand that periods are normal, healthy, and nothing for girls to be ashamed of.

You might be wondering what to tell your tween boy about girls and their puberty changes, right?

Your tween boy will always have females in their lives (starting from their mmm, friends, intimate partners, colleagues, and maybe even their own daughter), making it very important to raise empathetic and kind tween boys that respect women.

And while you might be unsure how to start explaining periods to boys, what to tell them and how much they need to know, the earlier you talk about puberty, the easier it will be. Teachable moments on how to explain a period to a boy are everywhere when you are ready to find them!

Tween boys want to know more about periods. As a parent, this is your opportunity to start sharing positive messages about periods with your tween boy, counteracting the negative messages they may already be receiving from the media, friends, and society.

Talking to boys about periods will also ensure that they grow up without adding to the shame often associated with periods.

When Do Boys Need To Learn About Periods?

Is there a “right” time to start explaining puberty to your son? NO. The moment your tween son hits the pre-teen, you need to have “this talk.”

Starting when your tween boy is younger helps you to gently introduce the concept to them that one day their bodies will start to change from being a child’s body to an adult’s body.

While they might not fully understand the “why,” “how,” and “when”, they will accept it as just another thing that will happen to them—making them see periods and puberty as normal.

And as earlier stated, there are many possibilities of opportunities for talking to your tween boy about periods. To mention but a few:

  • They might find period supplies in the bathroom drawer and ask what they are meant for.
  • Your boy might walk into the bathroom while you are changing your tampon or pad. Prompting them to ask queries about why there is blood from down there.
  • Your tween boy might be upset the sister is always locking themselves for long in the toilet and unwrapping papers (pads wrappers aren’t the quietest).
  • Your tween boy might see a period leak through a girl’s clothes.

What Do Tween Boys Need To Know About Periods

Before discussing with your tween boy about periods, review information about menstrual cycles. Incline to reading materials specifically written for children while reviewing diagrams of women’s reproductive health.

This will ensure you are at your tween’s level of understanding, making it very comfortable for you to explain everything better.

Starting to explain puberty to your son and the changes both boys and girls go through early on is always a great way to introduce the concept of periods.

Let your tween so fully understand that they both(boys and girls) experience many similar growth spurts such as:

  • Body odor
  • Growing hair under the arms and the pubic area
  • Having new emotions as being attracted to the opposite sex
  • Getting taller

 But that some things are also different, like:

  • Boys will start to produce sperms during puberty.
  • Girls have ovaries that contain eggs and a uterus where a baby can grow.
  • The sperms that boys start to produce are needed to help make babies.
  • For girls, every month or so, an egg is realized from the ovaries. And if a sperm fertilizes the egg, it lodges into the lining of the uterus and fertilizes into a baby.
  • If the released egg from the ovaries is not fertilized, the lining comes out of the v monthly or so as a period.
  • This monthly process is called the menstrual cycle and is a very normal and healthy process that a girl’s body goes through.

As part of a package of the whole puberty talk with your tween son, you can also introduce him to all the feminine products a girl might use during her periods. These are:

You can also take your tween son along as you go shopping and take him through the period products aisle to ease any awkwardness he might feel.

When unpacking the shopping, you can use the products you bought to explain how they are used. That is to demo how a pad is unwrapped and used on pants. Or how a tampon is unwrapped and explain how it works.

Do not overlook an important part of how a girl may experience premenstrual symptoms, such as:

  • Moodiness
  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Become more sensitive

Let your tween boy know that a girl may not mean to hurt them in the days leading up to her periods and that he should not take it personally. This might have to do with her changing hormones.

Talk to your boy that sometimes periods can also be embarrassing for a girl, and she may not want others to know when she has it. They should not tease them or make jokes about periods. They should also not go through a girl’s purse or backpack without her permission, as she may have pads or tampons.

Let your tween boy understand that supporting each other through puberty and periods is crucial, thus being mindful of each other’s feelings.

It is wise to include dads when having these period talks. Finish by asking your tween boy whether they have any queries about girls or their periods.

Do’s and Don’t When Explaining Puberty to Your Son.

  1. Do Keep Things Positive: when talking to your son, avoid any language that inadvertently makes periods sound negative or dirty.
  2. Do be clear and concise when explaining puberty and period to your son. If some words are new to him, make sure you explain their meanings. You can also use diagrams for ease of understanding.
  3. Do encourage empathy: talk to your tween boy about having a quiet talk with a girl who has leaked her cloth rather than commenting on it to his buddies.
  4. Don’t use euphemisms: When talking to your tween boy about using the right terminologies. This will avoid perpetuating the idea that periods are to be kept hidden or ashamed of. You should also explain any slang term he might have heard, like “aunty floor” or “on the rags.”
  5. Don’t dodge queries: if your tween boy queries anything on periods and puberty, do not brush it off because you do not have an answer or you are too busy. Respond as best as you can and, if possible, come back to it later.
  6. Don’t let him tease girls: let your tween boy know that it is very inappropriate to tease a girl because of her periods, which might make the girl very upset.

Resources To Help Your Son Understand Periods And Puberty

Many fantastic resources will help you naturally talk to your tween boy and girl about sex while respecting your personal values.

You’ll find many blog posts, YouTube videos, and books to help you talk to your child about growing up.

You’ll find our selection of the most appropriate tween health resources over here.

Got a tween girl? Make sure you head over here for our advice on dealing with first periods and making sure she has all the right supplies to be prepared for the big event.

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